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Nexus 7 Lacks Functionality Outside the U.S.
Google Nexus 7 Hardware 2 min read 5 comments

Nexus 7 Lacks Functionality Outside the U.S.

(What U.S. – and only U.S. – users see when they open Google Play)

Much ado has been made about the fact that the Nexus 7 is being released globally, unlike other cheap tablets including the Kindle Fire and the Nook. The fact that the tablet is being offered for £159 in the U.K. and for competitive prices in Australia and Canada as well gives Google an edge over their competitors. However, for all the efforts that Google has undertaken to ensure the Nexus 7 sells well internationally, they've forgotten a few key ingreidents – notably music, TV shows and magazines.

Of the six main parts of Google Play, 3 aren't available outside the United States. So if you're ordering a Nexus tablet in Europe or anywhere that's not America, you'll have to find your TV, magazine and music elsewhere. Wanna show off that beautiful display? You'll have to download TV shows from somewhere else or stream content from a dubious site.

The Nexus 7 remains a competitive tablet. It's got a fast processor, a slim design and tons of potential. But without the ability to take advantage of music, magazines and films, it is severly lacking outside the U.S. No, this is not Google's fault entirely. There are liscencing agreements which prevent Google from being able to offer all of their media services outside of the States. But you'd think, for all the company's efforts to create a truly global device, they'd spend a bit more time trying to bring Google Play in its entirety to the masses.


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  • Oops, made typo - i meant bribe the legislation of course.

    @DaBartonator: of course there is, and that is exactly what I meant.

  • If you want something badly enough you'll find a way to get it ;)

  • What to tell you. In some countries no paid apps at all. They were available for couple of days but now, for more than six months, nothing. Although APit can sell it :).

  • Here in Germany, like in most other countries, we don't even get movies - just apps and books, and the latter has only been started like 2 weeks ago. Damn greedy content providers endlessly delay any legal solution for modern media.

    They prefer to bride legistlation for oppressive laws allowing them to sue the whole world and destroy existances instead of just giving us an easy, quick and AFFORDABLE solutions.

  • and one day they will! :)