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10.1 Proposals for an Apple- Free World

10.1 Proposals for an Apple- Free World


The smartphone world is upside down! And the culprit, of course, is only one company. Apple must be stopped! Or at least their legal department needs a speeding ticket.

So far, the various camps have responded to the onslaughts of lawsuits with intensity, but still a certain respect for each other. Since yesterday, though, Apple's injunction against Samsung preventing the company from delivering the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 has created a black and white scenario of good vs. evil. The many shades of gray are gone.

The fruit-lovers on one side say, "Samsung has a lot to be inspired by Apple!" Android lovers, on the other hand, grumble that Apple is nothing more than a cult, whose disciples would blindly follow their leader off a cliff.

Whatever! Here at AndroidPIT, we were so disturbed by Apple's injunction against Samsung, that we wanted to stab apples, re-write history, and erase the letter "i" from our sentences. Follow our blind hatred as we attempt to rid the world of Apple(s) in the video below.

Here are our proposals for an Apple-free world...

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  • +1 Enrico likes this :P

  • well humour is a relative thing and a question of taste, so i can't argue there but I think this video is really witty and childish (in a good way). just my two cents.

  • I'm not necessarily going for professional, but they should at least try. sometimes amateur and bad is fun and other times it's just bad. this isn't either of those things.

  • @ Jenny: it's not supposed to be professional that's the whole point

  • nice try, but no cigar. need to work on your acting skills people

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

  • i think it's genius. and the amateurinishess of the video makes it even better.

    Adam and Steve......hahaha...best skit ever :)))

  • good idea, crappy production

  • can someone please tell me what is going on in this video? totally ridiculous

  • dude that guy is just chowing down on that orange!!!!! that's nuts!

  • WTF???

  • Apple. Why innovate? Litigate.

  • I believe that Apple is more bark than bite. I have three Android devices, galaxy tab, xperia i10 and htc wildfire. was offered a Ipad but refused. had an Apple macbook but sold it a week later. aplle is very far from user ability and experience when it comes to Android devices. please can someone just stop them from trying to rule the world! they are becoming just like when MS tried to take over the world. o by the way I also have a phone running Win 7 mobile OS. Android will rule smart devices.

  • i never used apple stuff, even when iphone came out it didnt grab me. even with the ipod i never liked it, nothing personal about the brand, but i never felt like i needed one. as for android, i love it, cant live without my droid. apple should just relax withev the law suits because their lawers are probably using droids.

  • I'm really hoping that Google Samsung and all the manufacturers of android based devices join forces of good and fight the evil that is Apple!

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