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100 Floors – An individual puzzle app
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100 Floors – An individual puzzle app

100 Floors is a puzzle game in which lifts (or elevators) are the protagonists, which makes a nice change from puzzles featuring numbers and words. The goal is to penetrate said lifts and the special twist is the clever way in which the app makes use of your Android device’s features in the gameplay.


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Features & Use

Test device :
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Android version: 4.1.1
Root: Yes
Modifications: Yes / Popcorn Kernel 11.5

Permissions strike us as being perfectly straightforward.

If you’re looking for a break from shooter games but don’t want to ressort to a puzzle classic such as Sudoku, an alternative puzzle game might be just the ticket.
100 Floors is quite simply about opening the door to a lift, or rather to lots of lifts. In order to achieve this you have to solve a plethora of puzzles that are all linked to the lift.
At first this isn’t too challenging, but don’t get too comfortable, because 100 Floors will get your brain sweating big time.

The best thing about 100 Floors is that is cleverly makes use of the device’s sensors and integrates this into controls. This means when obstacles need to be moved you need simply tilt the device in the right direction. Another example of how the app knows how to make the best out of an Android device’s options would be opening doors with two fingers.

Some of the puzzles are rather introverted and difficult to work out, and in these instances I found really examining the surroundings to be helpful. By solving puzzles successfully go climb form one floor to the next, and the puzzles become trickier and trickier the higher you go.

Bottom line:

100 Floors is a fun option if you enjoy challenging puzzle games with cool controls.
The puzzles really are something and at times misleading: I sometimes found the really difficult seeming ones to actually be easy, and the very simple ones were at times real head-scratchers…


Screen & Controls

As far as graphics go 100 Floors is not going to wow you. The 2D look I not fussy and quite minimal.
Controls vary from one puzzle to the next but are consistently good: sometimes there are buttons to push, other times you will have to tilt your device.

Speed & Stability

100 Floors performed very well indeed throughout our test runs.

Price/Performance Ratio

100 Floors is free and available from the AndroidPIT App Center as well as Google Play. I found the ad banners to be pretty annoying as the can be quite distracting.


100 Floors – An individual puzzle app 100 Floors – An individual puzzle app 100 Floors – An individual puzzle app 100 Floors – An individual puzzle app

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