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101-in-1 Games - Simple Yet Captivating

Authored by: Yan Matusevich — May 23, 2011

101 seems to have become a “catch number” ever since the 101 Dalmatians became a Disney hit for people across the world. 

101-in-1 Games is an Android game package that includes 101 different exciting and fun games for every kind of Android user. Find out if all 101 games are actually entertaining in today’s review.



Tested version Latest version
1.2 1.3.32

Features & Use

The name of the app gives away what the app has in store: 101-in-1 Games includes 101 small mini-games all under one roof. Here’s how the app works:

You start off with eight unlocked games and you’ll need to earn a certain number of points to obtain valuable bonus points. These points (represented as gold slabs in the game) can be used not only to increase your highscore, but also to unlock more games. So your aim is to unlock 93 games as you play.

While the first eight games are fairly easy, they get progressively more challenging the higher you go. 4000 points may be enough to complete the first couple of levels, but it will take ten of thousand of points to beat the more difficult games.

The games are pretty well done. The first game is a basic basketball where you have to throw a ball into a hoop. And I can say that most of the games have a very basic arcade structure. All it takes is some nimble fingers and a little bit of logic to master these games. Other example of games are Darts and Sudoki. The games may be simple, but 101-in-1 never crosses the line of being boring.

Personally, I just couldn’t stop myself from playing the sushi skewer game where you had to get as many sushi rolls onto one skewer as possible. What makes this game stand out from the rest is the fact that’s it’s loads of instant fun combined with a lot of long-term motivation.

In terms of functions, 101-in-1 deserves a lot of kudos and recognition. The app is loads of fun and I’ve been playing it on my desire ever since I downloaded it. 101-in-1 also has a certain nostalgic charm that is very attractive. Many of the games you’ll recognize from playing them as a kid on your PC or Gameboy.

Simple and fun, this game provides quality fun for you and your friends. That’s why I can highly recommend this app with a clear conscience. There are no major downsides here except for the fact that some of the games are a bit similar. But don’t worry – the game never gets redundant.


Screen & Controls

Unfortunately, 101-in-1 Games basically shot itself in the leg by having great games with absolutely awful controls.

While some of the games are easy to control, there are others that are virtually impossible to complete because of the problematic controls. It’s extremely frustrating to have to start a level all over again because of the controls not working properly. The Snake game, for example, (as you know it from old Nokia cell phones) is impossible to control accurately because you direct the snake’s movement by sliding your finger across the screen. It’s extremely difficult to make precise small movements with your finger with a small snake. What were the developers thinking?

Graphics are significantly better than the controls. They may not be amazing, but they are appropriate for the mini game format.


Speed & Stability

101-in-1 Games runs very smoothly and reliably. Unfortunately, there were a couple of small lags during the game. They weren’t serious, but they affect the score in the section.


Price/Performance Ratio

On the one hand, 101-in-1 Games is free and comes with absolutely no ads. On the other hand, the game has some serious problems with its controls, which have a negative effect on the overall performance.

Download 101-in-1 Games from the AndroidPIT App Center for free and see for yourself. 



101-in-1 Games - Simple Yet Captivating 101-in-1 Games - Simple Yet Captivating 101-in-1 Games - Simple Yet Captivating 101-in-1 Games - Simple Yet Captivating


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