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These are the best Play Store apps, according to Google

These are the best Play Store apps, according to Google

There are so many applications on the Play Store and that's why every week we offer 5 apps that are worth finding. This time, however, it is Google itself that shows you the best apps from the Play Store: here are the winners of the Google Awards 2018!

Google Play Awards 2018: the categories

Google has now chosen the winners of the annual Google Play Awards. This is the third edition of this 'event' for Android users that comes just before the Google I/O.

It's not easy to swim in the sea of the Play Store and to give several developers the opportunity to get noticed, the Big G team has considered 9 different categories and voted the best apps for each category taking into account design, quality, technical performance, all according to Android guidelines.

Let's see together what the different categories are:

  • Standout Well-Being App
  • Best Accessibility Experience
  • Best Social Impact
  • Standout Indie
  • Best Community Building Game
  • Best AR or VR Experience
  • Standout Build for Billions Experience
  • Standout Startup
  • Best Breakthrough Hit

Google Play Awards 2018: the winners

For each category were presented 5 different candidates that you can find listed in the Android developers blog. I suggest you take a look at the runners-up because you might find some more to your taste that are worth downloading and trying.

But back to the winners, selected by a group of experts who had to take into account different aspects such as quality of service, content, user experience and opinions from users. Roll out the red carpet and welcome the winners with applause:

  • Standout Well-Being App: Simple Habit Meditation
  • Best Accessibility Experience: Be My Eyes
  • Best Social Impact: Khan Academy
  • Standout Indie: Old Man's Journey
  • Best Community Building Game: Episode 
  • Best AR or VR Experience: BBC Earth Life in VR
  • Standout Build for Billions Experience: Flipkart Online Shopping App
  • Standout Startup: Canva - Free Photo Editor & Graphic Design Tool
  • Best Breakthrough Hit: Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest

You've probably already tried some of these apps or games. Some have appeared previously in our weekly app best-of lists. Have Google's awards managed to bring up some interesting apps that escaped your notice so far?

What do you think about the apps Google has chosen? Which ones have you tried before and which ones are you planning to download on your Android device?

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  • storm May 8, 2018 Link to comment

    I really don't use my phone like other people.

    • That would you use it to make phone calls!! haha!!

      • Sorin May 9, 2018 Link to comment

        Perfectly correct, with a Phone you can obviously just "make Phone calls", for that is conceived ! Only with "Smart" you can do more ! So Smart, Smart-phone, Smart-applications ... that's only "smart" is not those applications, but that's more convenient to say. Because when you ask someone for the Phone number, you ask for the Phone, Phone number, not your Smartphone number!
        That's why it's not fair to say "Phone applications", but "applications for... Smarts" !
        Smartphone I Love You !!!

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