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3 cool ways to show off your Galaxy Note 2

3 cool ways to show off your Galaxy Note 2

One of the things that I love about the various types of Android devices is being able to show them off and “wow” friends. Between all the different manufacturers and devices, there are features and hardware that are specific to each that may be completely foreign to someone. One of my favorite smartphones to show off is the Galaxy Note 2 and the S Pen. Check below for 3 of the cooler things you can show off to your friends.

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© Samsung; AndroidPIT

Of course, since the S Pen is no longer unique to the Note 2, these tips could easily be transferred over to the Note 3 as well. Anything not having to do with the S Pen might also be available through other Samsung devices as well. Without further ado, here we go!

Gestures with S - Pen

Get that S Pen out and ready to show off. / © AndroidPIT

Being able to perform certain tasks easily with the S Pen definitely helps when you’re in productivity mode and have the S Pen at the ready.  Here are the gestures that you can perform to quickly navigate around your device:

  • Open Quick Commands: Press the S Pen button and draw a line upward to enter Quick Commands
  • Go Back: Press the S Pen  button and draw a < (greater sign) to go back
  • Open Menu: Press the S Pen  button and draw an ^ (up arrow) to open the menu
  • Open a Note: Press the S Pen  button and double tap the screen to open S-Note
  • Capture Screenshot: Press the S Pen  button and long press the screen to take a screen shot
  • Easy clip: Press the S Pen  button and draw around the area that you want to crop.
  • Select Text: Press the S Pen  button and draw a straight line through a sentence or word to select it. Draw a diagonal line if you want to select multiple sentences or a paragraph.

You can even program your own Quick Commands by heading to Settings > My Device > Quick Command Settings. You can program different applications/settings to a set list of pre-set symbols. Pretty handy for customization!


Some of the many Motion options for the Note 2. © AndroidPIT

First, in order to use this, you’ll need to make sure that Motions are turned on. To do this, go to Settings > Motion. Some of the “cooler” Motions that you can use are the following:

  • Smart Alert: Your Galaxy Note 2 will “buzz” when you pick it up to notify you that there is a missed call or message. If nothing happens, there is nothing to check on your phone!
  • Quick Glance: If you’ve got your phone sitting next to you on the table and have this turned on, you can just wave your hand over the device and it’ll turn on so you can see if there’s anything you’ve missed.
  • Direct Call: One of the coolest features I’ve found for the motions. If you’re looking at your phone when reading a text and then hold the phone up to your ear, it’ll call that person.

Tag buddies, share instantly

This is an awesome feature if you’re out and about and taking photos of you and your friends. Many times, I’m asking for copies of photos that have me and my friensd to be sent my way after an event and this makes it an automatic process.

  • Head to Camera.
  • Go to Shooting Mode and Choose Buddy Photo Share.
  • Take a photo with some people in it.
  • A yellow box will indicate any faces that the camera detected.
  • Tap to add a name and choose the contact you with to tag.
  • Tap in a blank area and it’ll ask you if you want to send the photo!
  • Done! Photo taken and sent!

What are some of your favorite things to show off about your smartphone?

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  • I just installed latest ProBam 1.2.8 and I could show off now with the battery time (wasn't good with original Sammi ROM). It is crazy customizable, and super lightweight. I could easily get away with 1GB RAM instead of 2 :) It even recognizes S-pen attachment/detachment (what is not common with AOSP Android)

  • Bonjour Priscilla! Merci pour le commentaire! Nous avons aussi un site web en français si vous êtes intéressés!! www.androidpit.fr.

  • bonjour a vous ! très belle évolutions dans électronixme vraiment chapeau a vous.
    mes salutations les plus distinguer.

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