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3 Of The Worst Tablets of All Time

3 Of The Worst Tablets of All Time

Microsoft has recently slashed the price of its Windows RT Surface tablet due to lacklustre demand. The product joins a host of other tablets that have failed to deliver in a bid to dethrone the iPad as the king of tablet PC's.

ipad mini
The iPad is without doubt the king of tablet PC's at the moment. Many companies have tried and failed in a bid to dethrone it from the number one slot. / © Apple

The Motorola Xoom

The first device in the morgue of failed tablets is the Motorola Xoom which was launched in 2011. Motorola was, at the time, enjoying some level of success with its Android phones on Verizon and decided to try to solidify its status as the king of Android by launching its very own tablet to compete with the iPad. The move was destined to fail from the very beginning though as the pricepoint that Motorola aimed for was too steep for consumers at $600. Android at the time was clearly inferior to iOS and even more so in the tablet realm. These factors lead to the Motorola Xoom being one of the duds of 2011.

The HP Touch Pad

WebOS was purchased by HP and soon after it was announced that a tablet was going to be created using the operating system. The tablet flopped and soon HP announced that it was killing off the platform as a result. The TouchPad did prove though that there was a strong market for tablets that were not iPads if the price was low enough. Once HP had slashed the price of the product to $99, in a bid to get rid of it, people were lining up to pick up the tablet device. This probably paved the way for other cheap Android tablets such as the Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus 7 which have been successes.

The Blackberry Playbook

This was definitely one of the worst contraptions in the history of tablet devices. The Blackberry Playbook was very poorly executed. The app ecosystem for the device was weak and the device lacked some of the most basic things that are expected from a Blackberry product such as secure BBM messages and the ability to send secure push email. Given the failure that was the Playbook, Blackberry certainly won't be dipping into the tablet market anytime soon.

Which device do you think has been the worst tablet of all time? Please leave us a comment or vote in the poll below.

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Source: BGR

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  • Ok here we go, I have owned an IPad and after just a few months with it sold it in favor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Best decision I ever made. I also have been the owner of 2 PlayBooks for over 2 years and I think it's a great tablet. The apps might be lacking but for what use it for its served me well. I can't believe that the ipad is so successful without a functional file system. Mobile computing my arse! If Android had the apps that are tablet optimized that Apple does, the iPad would flounder so fast it would be comical.

  • Id say my Galaxy Tab 10.1 it was the tablet that really had a chance against the iPad., yet 2yrs later is still being sold as the Tab 2 10.1 Note 10.1 and now the Tab 3 10.1

    basically the same tablet, almost identical specs.

    I wont be buying another Samsung tablet any time soon.

  • Why to gossip about the worst tabs when there are pretty good tabs available like the Nexus 7 and do you know its specs leaked again

  • I own a Galaxy tab 2, an Asus 700T and a. BlackBerry Playbook' and believe me the BlackBerry is the best by far. The only ultimate drawback is that it does not support most android apps. Other than that, since I don't have an Apple too expensive, I am sure BlackBerry is the best built tablet ever built.

  • Thanks for sharing your perspective Jerri. I think that's something most of us hadn't thought about :)

  • Jerri Jul 21, 2013 Link to comment

    I have the first Motorola Xoom that came out. I bought it the second day on the shelf. I paid about $1,200 for it. Of course that was tax and an extended warranty. It was an important buy for me. The Xoom had a camera, video camera and a Skype camera. For people with disabilities this was a godsend. The price wasn't our major problem. The first problem was the weight and holding for any length of time without dropping it. The second problem was using it outside because you could not see the screen for the glare. I am still using mine and I use it almost daily. When I look for another I will know to look for glare on the screen and weight of the Xoom &/or IPad. I also think a camera neck strap.

    Please remember you the developers and manufacturers ~ That progress for the masses (making phones, tablets and cameras) is not progress for all...

    Thank you,

    J. Thomason

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