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5 Futuristic Ways to Keep Thieves From Stealing Your Android

(Dogs: the most obedient security guards)

When Face Unlock was first announced on the Galaxy Nexus, the Internet erupted over whether or not it was actually a worthy security feature. Does a security mechanism that can't differentiate between a picture of the user and the actual user's face go far enough to prevent would-be thieves? Perhaps not. So here at AndroidPIT we've tried to think of some other ways we might secure our phones (given unlimited resources and futuristic technology). Here they are: 




Fingerprint technology has been around for a while. It's a fast, accurate and foolproof way of securing your Android phone. There are currently a number of fingerprint scanning apps out there but their results are quite dubious. A good fingerprint security method would come baked into your Android's hardware.

3D Facial Mapping


Face Unlock on Android 4.0 is great, but it doesn't go far enough. To break into a friend's smartphone, all you need is to hold a picture of them next to the camera (a recent update is supposed to track blinking but with varying success). 3D facial mapping would utilize two front facing cameras to map a three-dimensional photograph of themm thus spoiling the efforts of picture-holding thieves.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition could also be used to unlock smartphones. In order to unlock your phone, you could have a special phrase like "banana phone."


(The Stunfone for iPhone is actually fake)

Perhaps the most effective way to keep would-be thieves out of your smartphone would be to install a small taser on the device that shocks unauthorized users (the phone would know they were unauthorized after they entered in a series of incorrect passwords or failed to match the owner's fingerprints). Downside? Accidentally shocking yourself.

Carbon Fiber Briefcase

(Photo: Hermes)

If you really, really, REALLY don't want thieves messing around with your Android, you could always buy a titanium portable briefcase, like this Hermes briefcase, for carrying around your phone. At $16,000, it's quite the investment, but what's more valuable than your Android?

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  • Huh? How can a fingerprint scanner *PREVENT* someone from stealing my Android phone????

    How can face (and voice) recognition *PREVENT* someone from stealing my Android phone?

    I think androidpit needs to hired some Android knowledgeable staff members. Or at least one.

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