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5 Muzei Live Wallpaper extensions: taking after DashClock

On Thursday we talked about Muzei, the artsy-fartsy live wallpaper from developer Roman Nurik, creator of DashClock. Muzei shows you an array of tastefully blurred and faded works of art, a new one a day, to decorate your home screen. Thanks to the API which allows other developers to add new photo sources to the app, the first Muzei extensions have been created. Here are 5 diverse add-ons that you should check out!

muzei nexus 5 teaser
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Even though Muzei Live Wallpaper is a young app, the app has already become quite popular. The code isn’t just there to be viewed by other developers, they can also create extensions for the app, so that you can retrieve pictures from various areas of your smartphone.

Muzei Live Wallpaper Install on Google Play

APOD Muzei

This add-on uses pictures from NASA’s ‘Astronomy Pictures Of The Day’ feed and presents pictures from outer-space and other galaxies right on your home screen.

APOD Muzei Install on Google Play

Muzei - 500px extension

500px is very popular in the photography community and thanks to this extension, various pictures from this source can land right on your smartphone.

Muzei - Tumblr Photos

Tumblr, the blog bought by Yahoo!, is a home for pictures in particular, making it an ideal candidate for a wallpaper source for Muzei to use.

Muzei - Tumblr Photos Install on Google Play

Muzei Reddit

Reddit is a social, news and entertainment portal which sees thousands of pictures shared per day. The add-on lets you take pictures from Reddit and apply them as a wallpaper.

Muzei - Reddit Install on Google Play

Flickr for Muzei

This is yet another Yahoo! service, which offers pictures for Muzei as well as various backgrounds.

Flickr for muzei Install on Google Play

Bottom line

You can imagine that armies of add-ons are in the midst of being created for Muzei, so it’s just a matter of time before we see more. Even though the app is still super young, Roman Nurik was able to create a yet another hit after his DashClock success.

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