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5 new and updated apps you should try out this week

5 new and updated apps you should try out this week

Like every weekend, we have prepared a selection and new and updated apps that you should check out. Whether you need help with your studies or you're looking for new games, we've got you covered. Let's see what we have in store!


Studying smarter, not just harder, is a good motto to have, and it definitely applies to the new StudySmarter app. It's great for both high school and university students, as well as those studying on their own. It offers a variety of subjects - from economics to computer science. Once you have selected your field, you can access relevant articles, slides and more.

Flashcards are a great method to study for exams. / © AndroidPIT

The best feature is the ability to create flashcards, but you can also access many created by the community. That's right - the app is social and you can add friends, if you want to study together. StudySmarter also offers you personal statistics, so you can see how much progress you've made. The app has a web version as well, which has even more resources and it's already synced with the mobile version.

Get StudySmarter on Google Play.

Go to Sleep

If you've downloaded StudySmarter and crammed a bunch of info for your exams, now it's time to get a proper rest. Go to Sleep is here to help. This open source app's goal is to help you fix your sleep schedule. It allows you to set a bedtime and sends you reminders to hit the sack, if you are staying up too late. The settings are easy to understand and intuitive - you can set up custom reminds and enable automatic Do Not Disturb mode 2 minutes after the last reminder has been sent.

The app has a clean interface and easy to use settings. / © AndroidPIT

Go to Sleep also has a minimalist, clean design and is mostly ad-free. You can unlock the smart options by allowing ads or by paying a small fee to support the developer. Definitely an app worth checking out, if you're struggling with going to bed on time.

Get Go to Sleep on Google Play.

Switch List

After you are done studying and you've gotten some rest thanks to the sleep schedule app, it's time for some entertainment. This is where Switch List comes in - an app that is an eShop Game Library Database. It helps you discover new Nintendo Switch games, find out the release dates of upcoming titles and check prices. It is not an official Nintendo app, so you can't purchase games through it directly, but it's a great resource.

switch list
Switch List offers a variety of options. / © AndroidPIT

Switch List also helps you find games on sale, search by rating, price, size and more. The best part - you can compare prices across regions. Definitely great for Nintendo fans and those who are considering purchasing the console. Who knows - maybe your favorite title is about to be released on the Switch soon.

Get Switch List on Google Play.

Popular Wars

If you enjoyed the Google Doodle Halloween game, you might not want to miss this one either. The gameplay of Popular Wars is quite similar, but instead of a ghost that collects spirits, you are a person who is gathering followers. This is, of course, where its name comes from. The game is fun and quick-paced. You have to navigate around obstacles and avoid getting your followers stolen by other players. This can lead to a lot of funny situations as huge crowds are chasing each other across the level. However, the game does seem to have an in-game currency and a lot of ads, which can become annoying after a while - you've been warned. It's great for a quick distraction though.

popular wars
A fun game to play on your commute. / © AndroidPIT

Get Popular Wars on Google Play

Water Cave

Developed by Ketchapp games, Water Cave is a fun little puzzle game. Your goal is to cut tunnels through the sand with your finger and guide the water to a pipe. The catch? There are bombs along the way. If you accidentally activate them, it's game over. Although it might seem quite easy at first glance, the game gets harder as you progress - its physics-based puzzled can get quite challenging, especially if you are greedy and try to go for every diamond that shows up on the map. Entertaining and engaging.

androidpit watercave
It's not the most challenging game out there, but it's fun. / © AndroidPIT

Get Water Cave on Google Play.

This our selection of new and updates apps for this week. What do you think? Did you try any of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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