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5 Reasons Why Google Is Going to Destroy Apple in 2013

5 Reasons Why Google Is Going to Destroy Apple in 2013

Is Google entering a golden age? Investors seem to think so. Google's stock had hit new highs, breaking through $800 per share this week, up roughly 30% year-over-year. Why are investors so excited? Just think about the incredible momentum that's been created around the Google brand recently. While Apple hasn't released much of anything so far this year, Google is hitting it out of the park. Here's why 2013 is Google's year to shine:

 1. Google Now

Google Now is an incredible product that unites many disparate Google services: graph search, Google Maps, voice recognition, weather, Google calendar and Google Translate, to name a few. Chances are, the service is only going to get more advanced in the coming months. It's become one of Android's greatest selling points, and is incredibly helpful and personable. Soon, boarding passes will also pop up on your Google Now homepage when you have an upcoming flight, eliminating one more unnecessary hassle from your life. Amazing.

 2. Google Glass


All the naysayers are about to stick their foot in their mouth. As expected, Google Glass is a revolutionary device, but the company is also listening to fans and creating glasses that are more stylish than the prototypes we've seen so far. That's why Google is partnering with Warbey Parker to create more stylish frames that hide Glass's powerful internals. Already we've seen how the glasses can capture video and photos, send messages and search for anything on the web. Now we see they can also translate your speech. If that's not amazing, I don't know what is.

 3. Motorola X Phone

They're just rumors at this point, but we're expecting the Motorola X Phone to be a real doozy. According to the rumors swirling around right now, the device will run the newest version of Android – 5.0 / Key Lime Pie – and will also address two major smartphone gripes: battery life and durability. According to a tipster, the phone will match Moto's MAXX line of headsets as far as battery life and will be protected by a Kevlar casing that's resistant to scratches. Add a 4.8" display, a brand-new camera featuring a Sony sensor and expandable memory up to 128GB and you have every Android fan's dream device. YES PLEASE. 

 4. Google Retail Stores


According to 9to5 Google, the company is planning on opening their first stand-alone retail stores by the end of the year, which will sell everything from the Nexus line of Androids, to Chromebooks and Google Glass. Given the architecture of Google's workplaces, we have no doubt the company can create an innovative and imaginative retail environment. Plus, you'll finally have somewhere to go when you want to ask an expert for advice about your Android device. 

5. Pixelo Touchscreen Chromebook with Ultra High Resolution

Chromebooks aren't on many people's radar, but they may be soon. Google is rumored to be creating a touchscreen Chromebook with an ultra high resolution to take on the likes of Mircosoft's Surface Tablet. Rumors are that the display will be 2,560 x 1,700 pixels…more than 4 million pixels total.

 (Top photo: Phandroid.com)

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  • Google retail stores are going to give Google a new angle on this whole competition. Apple is doomed! www.AndroidAppsForWork.com

  • Those are the 5 reasons? Seriously? Let's take a look at them.

    1. Maybe. This isn't a main selling point of Android, AFAIK
    2. This won't come out until 2014 and no one is holding their breath for it
    3. This is a rumour
    4. This will add to sales of the nexus line, but it's not going to turn anyone off of the galaxy line. The net effect will be negligible for Google.
    5. That was a joke, right? I cannot see, in this universe, this being a big, medium, or even partial success.

    Android dominance will continue because it is a cheaper alternative than iOS. That's all there is to it.

  • This article misses out one of the obvious, but I think better strings to Androids bow, and that is better and better tablets. Personally I do not see much point in Chrome books, despite the new age mantra of having everything in the cloud, people still want and need local storage. Yes I use cloud services such as Google Drive, but only because they also have offline storage options. My internet still goes down enough to not trust the reliability of cloud-only systems, and I also travel to lots of places with patchy wifi.

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