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5 Reasons Why It Would Be Awesome If Google Owned a Mobile Network

5 Reasons Why It Would Be Awesome If Google Owned a Mobile Network

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is in talks with Dish networks to develop their own wireless network to rival the likes of AT&T and Verizon. Dish has been wanting to partner with a company and build their own wireless data network since at least 2008. The cable provider has been gobbling up wireless spectrum and is currently talking to a few potential partners – including Google – about the prospect of creating a new network. While it's just a rumor at this point, and there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome (including convincing the DOJ and FCC that this is a good idea), the idea of a Google-owned wireless network is über exciting to us here at AndroidPIT HQ.

Here's what we love about the idea of "G-Mobile":

Google Stores. Everywhere.

Imagine driving to a Google retail store, filled with Chromebooks, Nexus phones and accessories, Google Play gift cards and more. Employees could help you mod your phone or customize your Google Now experience, instead of just trying to convince you to buy the most expensive model out there. Google could also offer exclusive deals on Google Play apps, books, films and music.

Better Deals on Phones

Since wireless carriers typically pay manufacturers to carry their phones, and Google wouldn't need to do any of that since they own a manufacturer (Motorola), they could significantly cut costs and theoretically pass those savings to consumers. Vertical integration at its finest!

Cheaper Data

Verizon and AT&T have had a stranglehold on data for a number of years; without more competition, costs will likely continue to rise. The Verizon – AT&T duopoly must be destroyed, and who better to do it than Google? If Google offered a competitive deal on data, it would force these companies to lower their data costs as well. Competition is good for everyone. 

No More Carrier Bloatware

Forget Verizon's VCAST app or the T-Mobile Mall. Google would have no incentive to add bloatware since they already collect money through purchases on the Google Play app and every time you click an ad while using a Google services. Thus, no need to root your phone to delete annoying carrier bloatware.

Timely Updates

It must be said that carriers are very often the ones standing in the way between consumers and their Android updates. But Google would be able to bypass these middle managers and send updates immediately to all Nexus owners after a new version of Android has been announced. Those running skins like Touchwiz or Sense would have to wait a bit, but probably not as long.

What makes you excited about the prospect of a Google-owned mobile network?

Source: Gizmodo

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  • I don't want Google in control of everything. I prefer to spread services around to avoid being pestered by marketing.

    What I would like from Google is a good shakeup of the big 2 if Google can pull this off and give us a reasonable product and service. That would give consumers a better break.

  • A better deal for 32 Million Deaf and Hard of Hearing Phone users in Massive Mobile Network Rip Off Scandal (6M in UK)

    This would indeed make top headlines in every national and local newspaper and have mobile CEOs heading for the bunkers if these users had a voice, but year in year out the deaf community around the world have put up with the situation.

    In my case I have had a mobile since the days when a mobile was the size of a car battery. and every month I have paid out a portion of my bill for calls - they have been described as "Talk Time" - Bundled Minutes. And while most plans offer more and more of them there is no such thing as free.

    Over the years My landline and Mobile Minutes have cost me thousands of pounds.
    I cannot use them - I don't want them - but it seems I have no choice


  • Lets find the G Spot

  • Well if the half-baked way the release of the Nexus 4 was handled i`m not sure about a mobile network .

  • It would benefit those who are Android Users that are interested in "No Contract" priced cellular / date services that is unlimited AND if Google Fiber Optics was optional (c'mon - unlimited wifi that's 1,000 times faster then your local Cable or Satellite or Cellular Service provides) AND if we had several manufactured electronic items available (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc) vs just one AND it would be nice if Google didn't behave like Apple with their Stores AND if Google TV was available with Google Fiber Optics with several manufactured electronic items available (Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, LG, etc) AND if this was global (want to beet Verizon - TMobile - AT&T @ their game? Become a Global Telecom that offers affordable service everywhere) ...

    C J

  • I live I'm Greece so Google owning a mobile network wouldn't change anything for me. It would be great of I were American though.

  • lee g Nov 18, 2012 Link to comment

    Apple would be like "patent! patent! we got patents on awesomeness you cant do that because it would be awesome patent! patent!

  • apple would wipe the floor with them.....

  • They'll be leaps and bounds ahead of Apple, for sure. I wonder if Apple will be allowed on this network?
    Wouldn't that be awesome, use propriety network technology not available in iOS, 5G anyone? Maybe they'll call it G^2?
    Owning manufacturing, OS development and network, there are a slew of possibilities I can't even fathom right now!

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