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8 free apps you should install immediately

8 free apps you should install immediately

Use your keyboard like a ninja, organize your emails like a professional or delete apps without leaving a trace – all thanks to these new apps that will help you save time without spending a penny.

1. Fleksy is a keyboard that breaks speed records

Fleksy keyboard is free (although only during a limited time). It's minimalist, colorful and efficient. Gesture controls make keys like 'Space' or 'Enter' obsolete. Plus, the huge amount of free plugins that you can add improves the experience even more. Test the editor and you'll see what just might be the best Android cursor out there. But even without adding anything extra, Fleksy continues to break keyboard records on Android.

2. Inbox helps to keep yours impeccable

Inbox will revolutionize your inbox. The first time you use it, you'll see how easy it is to organize messages from the last ten years of your life in a matter of minutes. This app groups messages, creates reminders, prioritizes important emails and helps you clear out unwanted messages, among many other things. All of this has turned Inbox into one of Android's most used apps, despite being fairly new. Finally put an end to that organized chaos that you call your inbox.

3. A QR scanner to see the world a little differently

We constantly see them on posters, business cards and supermarkets. Many times, these codes can hold some very valuable information. To make sure you can always scan them without any problems, you need to have a scanner installed on your phone. These apps take up very little space on your phone but usually end up being quite useful. If there is an abundance of anything in the Play Store, its scanners like this one.

Androidpit QR code
You never know what type of information can be hidden within these codes. / © AndroidPIT

4. Thanks to Pushbullet, your phone will have a better connection to other devices

With Pushbullet, you can connect your smartphone to your computer and other devices in a different way than you've been doing up until now.

After its last huge update, Pushbullet greatly improved its functionality. You can now, for example, see your complete SMS history on your computer the same way it happens with other messages on other devices. Plus, this application now comes with social features, you can focus on certain users, sending them push notifications and interacting with them.

AndroidPIT push bullet screenshot
Pushbullet makes connecting your devices much easier.  / © AndroidPIT

5. IFTTT makes it so your smartphone practically works by itself

IFTTT uses "recipes" that connect different apps and services to automate your life. Thanks to IFTTT, when you’re at home, you'll never lose another call again. It can automatically deactivate silent mode when it recognizes that you're inside your own house.

This is just one example of what this useful app is capable of. If, for example, it's going to rain the next day, it can send you a reminder to grab an umbrella. Another feature is the ability to monitor what time you leave the office so you know whenever you're working overtime. It can even automatically activate silent mode when you enter a theater. All of this is just a small taste of what this app is capable of doing.

ifttt recipe battery
The possibilities are endless.  / © AndroidPIT

6. LastPass makes sure you'll never forget your passwords again

Nowadays, it's impossible to organize every password for all of the online accounts that we have: banks, social media, emails, professional accounts, etc.. Trying to remember them all is impossible. That's why LastPass is one of the most useful apps you can have installed on your terminal. It will securely store your passwords so you'll always have access to your accounts, no matter what.

LastPass 1 st Password 1 2
LastPass creates passwords for your accounts and stores them in just one place, hiding them under a unique password.  / © AndroidPIT

7. WiFi Automatic helps you to save battery

Tired of your phone dying before your day is even over? WiFi Automatic deactivates your WiFi connections automatically when you don't need them, greatly improving your battery's life. A deactivated WiFi won't scan for new networks so it won't keep draining your power. It's much easier to use than IFTTT, since its one central feature is to link activating/deactivating your WiFi signal with battery optimization.

8. Lux will dim your screen for you

Many of us like to read a few emails or an article right before heading to bed. In these types of situations, the screens on our smartphones are way too bright, even on the dimmest setting.

Thanks to Lux, you can now dim your screen as much as you'd like. This app comes with a notification bar that lets you set your screen tone to a warm blue. The paid version can also automatically gauge the level of brightness and adjust accordingly.

It will set different types of light at different times of the day. / © Screenshot AndroidPIT

Is there an app you can't live without which not many people know about?

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  • Lux has been broken since Android 5.0. Why include an app that only works properly on old versions of Android?

  • I used PushBullet for a while and had problems with it not syncing correctly to my phone. I switched to Mighty Text and am much happier. You should also look at Llama (KebabApps) and Silence Premium Do Not Disturb (Cabooze Software). Both great apps that manage sound profiles, Bluetooth, WiFi, and more.

  • I have and use most of these, really good selection. I have to say that my 3 most useful/most used are not listed here: OneText for one button preconfigured texting (great when late for work), VLC for listening to audio/video sped up, and Google Keep for sharing shopping lists and any other notes :-)

  • Nice article I like it !

  • ClockQ is the best clock, it shows the date, am and battery and then you can set up any application to turn on by touching the clock, i have Quick wi-fi set up and its brilliant, theres a Premium version of this as well,just got Fancy Keyboard and its Superb as you can set any photo as your keyboard

  • smart key,musixmatch,redbull wallpapers

  • Lastpass is only free if you have a premium account. I use Lastpass on my PC, but when I installed the Android App, I I only got limited free use.

  • macrodroid is much better for automating your device.

  • Fleksy seems to be an improvement over the stock keyboard but how much remains to be seen as the auto correct has made typing this almost impossible

    Edit: Flesky is a joke, auto correct does not function properly, not once did I it correctly correct my typing nor did the plug in whatever's work.

    Lux in the other hand is an amazing app

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