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LOL: Fox News Reporter Compares AT&T to an Abusive Crack Dealer

LOL: Fox News Reporter Compares AT&T to an Abusive Crack Dealer

Seeing something I agree with on Fox News is kind of like discovering the Virgin Mary in a piece of toast: I'm so shocked I can barely breathe. But rants about so-called "unlimited" data plans that actually aren't are something I think we can all get behind. And I know, I know; data-usage has exploded and carriers are running over-capacity, but slowing down speeds for loyal customers paying for unlimited plans after they've used just 2GB (which I could easily blow through in a single evening) while offering more data to folks paying for cheaper plans (5GB for $50) is just plain wrong. It is like giving someone crack for free and then bankrupting them with enormous charges later. 

Being in the top 1% is a nice thing when we're talking about wealth, but try being in the top 5% heaviest data users at AT&T and let me know how that feels. Two summers ago, AT&T axed their Unlimited data plan but promised loyal customers who'd first signed on to those plans that they wouldn't be affected unless they fell into the top 5% of heaviest users. Now, AT&T has been slowing down 3G coverage for folks who signed up for Unlimited Data after they've used just 2GB. Thankfully, Shep Smith from Fox News is here to give voice to these users' pain:

I don't know how much data you blow through in a month, but 2GB ain't that much, and for AT&T to falsely claim those who use 2GB are somehow heavy users is absurd. This is about AT&T not having the capacity for regular data users on their network, and punishing the rest of us for their own failings. Of course, Sprint remains the only carrier with a truly unlimited data plan but some wonder how long they can hold out. The trend these days is to charge users more for less and blame aging networks for the whole mess. Shep Smith was right to call them out on this.

Which carrier do you use? Are you satisfied by your data plan? Do you consider yourself a "heavy user"? I'm curious to know.

Source: YouTube

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  • The network providers need to be held accountable for what they are doing. Basically, all of them have been promoting the hell out of smartphones and data plans drawing people (including all of us) to start worshiping our smartphones.

    From checking in for your flights online to streaming your Netflix movies - virtually every activity we used to do online has been transferred into the world of smartphones and tablets.

    All that progress is great, but it won't be of any help if there isn't enough bandwidth to go around. Shouldn't we be asking ourselves why there isn't enough of it for users to enjoy unlimited data? Somehow I have a feeling that it has more to do with poor infrastructure on their part rather than real technological limitations.

  • This video is AWESOME :-D

  • @J Sand... absolutely...if you look at how much carriers spend on advertising, it's completely insane! As it sounds from you and other folks I've talked to, T-Mobile is no better as their "unlimited" plans all slow down data after a certain point. They should be more upfront and just admit these are essentially LIMITED plans since the data is SO SLOW after reaching the limit that it's completely useless!

  • @dr4nk1yn: That's definitely something we should write about. I'd heard they were going downhill in terms of coverage but DAMN, that sounds BAD! And I personally know of TONS of people that have switched Verizon and even though it costs a personal fortune, they're much happier.

    Sprint is in serious shit because not only is their network in need of serious upgrades but they're bleeding customers like crazy. All they've got left is this unlimited plan but it sounds like even THAT won't be enough to save them, even though it's the only unlimited plan left!

  • Your article makes Sprint sound like a viable option.
    I was a loyal Sprint subscriber for 6 years. Loved the plans, had WiMAX, at my apartment even though it was never announced or anywhere else in my area. I could mention the flakyness if WiMAX but I'll give the dying a break.

    Starting last October, and I have yet to see a serious article on this, 3G data speeds with Sprint have plummeted, SMS messages delayed by sometimes 4 days, calls being dropped, MMS messages never arriving at all. Not just in my area, Hampton Roads, but in cities I often visit. DC, NYC, Baltimore.
    I had 5 lines in different parts of the area with different makes and operating systems. Also people I recommended join Sprint suffered.

    I have in my Nexus S plenty of speed tests below the now average 130kbps, and coworkers still get those speeds, along with impossible 0s in the upload, along with the other issues I mentioned.

    I was released from my contracts since they couldn't provide a fix. They acknowledged being over capacity near my apartment due to a tower that was down since May, but ignored the problem in other areas when mentioned.

    I'm now with Verizon getting butt raped on costs but coverage and data speeds in LTE are 1st rate.

  • J Sand Feb 15, 2012 Link to comment

    Previous At&T user now T-Mobile but once again slow my speed after 2gb! Also in the fine print...."speeds slowed to BELOW 2g in most cases" So to sum it up, when u reach the allowed amount your speed us slowed to speeds that are totally useless as so slow until really nothing works with mobile data! Honestly you will get so frustrated that you will just wait till Wi-Fi is available! So much for the people such as myself that rely on email thru out the work day as my new work is emailed to me. So if it takes a day or more for me to service someone's insurance claim cause I couldn't receive the claim while in a given area maybe I can blame my wireless carrier! Not only does it cost me more $ for a data plan I can somewhat use but now it costs me $ in travel expense as I'm not able to service a claim while in a given area the same day!!! With all the technology and abundance of wireless carriers explain why data isn't "truly unlimited " anywhere coverage is available!? Maybe all the $ wasted on commercials and sponsorship should be invested into an affordable unlimited data stream available to the masses!!!

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