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AT&T May Carry Samsung Galaxy S

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Apr 6, 2010

Samsung has been very tight lipped about which carrier will offer the Galaxy S and when we can expect it. Luckily, the guys at PhoneScoop did some researching on the technical specs of the phone and have some insight into who may be the first US carrier to have the Galaxy S.

Their reasoning behind the assumption lies in the frequencies supported and the model number of the phone. This is what MobileCrunch had to say:

"As far back as we can remember, Samsung models beginning with SGH and ending with 7 (like the Propel [SGH-A767], Propel Pro [SGH-i627], Mythic [SGH-a897], Impression [SGH-A877], Eternity [SGH-A867]) have all gone to AT&T. Couple that in with the fact that it’s a GSM handset with EDGE bands (3G radio bands weren’t disclosed) that play friendly with AT&T, and it’s all just coming together too perfectly."

So if this turns out to be true, we just have to hope that by the time the Galaxy S gets released, AT&T will have changed their stance on how they limit what Android phones may do.

Image from Engadget

Source: MobileCrunch

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