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After HTC, Samsung throws Android hackers a bone

Authored by: Alex T. — Jun 8, 2011

As you've probably read, HTC announced that all future phones will have unlocked bootloaders, and there'll also be an OTA update coming to fulfil the promise for existing phones. Now, Samsung seems to also realize that boys will be boys and the more obstacles you put in people's way to hacking your products the worse things will go for you (just look at Sony and their $170 million losses due to a hack on their PSN network in response to their treatment of hackers). More info past the break.

So the rundown is the following: Cyanogenmod member Atinm, whose in charge of the Captivate and Vbrant was sent a Galaxy S II by Samsung so he can get going on Cyanogenmod for the hot new phone that comes with an unlocked bootloader anyway. I don't think it means much just yet (it'll be very long until any manufacturer releases a Cyanogenmod handset, if ever), but it's a start and a sign that phone manufacturers are feeling the pressure to give into their buyers requests.

Image: Engadget

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