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After tracking your location, Android can now read your mind. No, really.
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After tracking your location, Android can now read your mind. No, really.

 After iOS had a 'minor' location tracking problem and some people went crazy over Google doing the same after you expressedly allow it to, Android is set to conquer another barrier in completely obliterating the human race: it can now 'read minds'. Check past the break for more info and enjoy the completely out of context picture below.

 So the real story is that somewhere in Japan (where else?), someone came up with a set of robotic cat ears that are mind controlled. The software interface for them is shown running on a Galaxy Tab and there is a delightful 9 minute video below showing people controlling the ears with their mind. Nobody is really saying what the exact function of the tablet is but I assume it receives and interprets the brain signal and communicates them back to the ears, while allowing the user to see themselves using the front-facing camera so they know it's working. 

Creepiness aside, the technology behind this fashion accessory of sorts has been utilized in mind controlled wheelchairs and could have many uses for paraplegics or the elderly and it's pretty cool that they're using an Android device for part of the operation. 

Image: PopSci.com

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