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Android 2.1 Coming in June to European HTC Hero?

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Apr 21, 2010

The::unwired has an article saying that at a Google event today regarding Google Navigation, an announcement will be made regarding the HTC Hero's update to Android 2.1. In June, according to the article, “anyone owning an HTC Hero will receive an initial preparatory update, shortly followed by the full Android 2.1 update.”

The Hero has been running on 1.5 since release, this update is more than overdue. Once the European update finally rolls out, it shouldn't take long for Sprint and other carriers to get it out on their phones as well.

We've been given other release dates by HTC before. Those of you on Sprint have been getting the run-around for a long time on this issue. If Google and/or your wireless provider made an official announcement about it, I would be more likely to believe it. In the meantime, take it with a large grain of salt.

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Source: the::unwired

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