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Android 2.2 Source Code Released, Nexus One Gets FroYo OTA Update
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Android 2.2 Source Code Released, Nexus One Gets FroYo OTA Update

It seems that the Droid X event has spawned many Android news pieces. To celebrate this latest announcement, Andy Rubin announced yesterday on The Official Google Blog that "we are open-sourcing the new 2.2 version of Android, which we call Froyo, to our partners who manufacture Android devices around the world." In other FroYo news, some Nexus One owners are reportedly getting a new OTA FroYo update.

BoyGeniusReport adds that "with Froyo now in the hands of both the developer community and the OEMs, we can expect the latest Android OS to make its way onto handsets in the near future. While you wait for the manufacturers to get their official versions out in the upcoming weeks, keep your eyes open for those unofficial versions which will hit the Internet in the upcoming days."

In related FroYo news, AndroidandMe reported yesterday that they received an OTA update on their Nexus One which upgraded their version of FroYo to FRF83, which they contend is the final FroYo build. Also mentioned in their article was that "the update was very minor (644 kb) and installed in several minutes. Nothing appears different from the last build, but I’ll spend some more time with it and report my findings tomorrow."

Engadget noted that "a 1.78MB ZIP file floating around XDA-developers this afternoon was originally thought to be the droid we've all been looking for, Android and Me reports that they received an honest-to-goodness OTA version of FRF83 after trying (and failing) to get that ZIP to work, and we're getting several similar reports."

Have a Nexus One? Want FroYo now? AndroidandMe writes that "the best way to upgrade your Nexus One to the latest firmware build is to just check for it. Browse to Settings > About phone > System updates and you should receive a notification to download the update."

Other Sources: AndroidandMe, BoyGeniusReport, Engadget

Image from: AndroidandMe


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