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Android 2.4 Rumor Appears, Coming In April With Support For Dual-Core Apps?

Pocket-Lint is reporting that they were contacted by a Viewsonic employee and told that Android 2.4 will be released in April. According to the article, Viewsonic said Android 2.4 will still go under the Gingerbread name (as I figured), and should bring with it support for dual-core apps on single-core phones.

The source inside Viewsonic apparently said that their ViewPad 4 handset will launch with Android 2.4 installed in April

Pocket-Lint contends that the Android 2.4 update will only include the support for dual-core apps on single-core phones. However, there was a recent story regarding an upcoming fix that should release in the next major Android revision, but may come sooner. In addition, it is much too early for anyone to say all of what Google will be including in an update possibly scheduled for release in two months time.

Their statement makes me question why Google would push out an Android update with support for dual-core apps, but not include any of said apps to make use of the new ability. In my mind, it just doesn't make any sense for Google to add an ability for smartphones to support Honeycomb apps unless those apps which can take advantage of the single-core support are included.

I'm going to go out on a limb and make a guess that Android 2.4 will also see some of Honeycomb's apps ported onto smartphones.

Pocket-Lint also contends that the upcoming Android 2.4 update is a major reason why we haven't seen any Gingerbread updates for released handset besides the Nexus S, and that Google will split the Android development for tablets and smartphones going forward, along the 2+ and 3+ scheme.

This last rumor is a possibility, but only time will tell. Keep in mind that at this point, the story is only a rumor, and being such, will likely change.

Image from Android Central

Source: Pocket-Lint


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