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Android 3.0 and Google Music To Launch in Q4

In an interview with Israeli newspaper Calcalist, Google Android Product Manager Gaurav Jain revealed that Android 3.0 aka Gingerbread will be concurrently launched with their upcoming service called Google Music would launch in "fall - winter 2010" and is likely planned to launch in competition against Apple's upcomin service called iTunes Live.

BoyGeniusReport made a good summary of the Calcalist article:

Set to debut in Q4, Jain went on to say that the music service will be predominantly featured in the next version of its mobile OS, Android 3.0 (aka Gingerbread). The timing of Jain’s statements — not to mention the fact he made them at all — are curious, as rumors are heating up that Apple is gearing up to launch a cloud-based version of iTunes that will allow customers to stream their music library directly to their device; meaning that on-device storage can be freed up for things such as apps.

Phandroid notes that "Dan Morrill squashed the recent Gingerbread rumors floating around, and part of that includes an October release. I suppose it’s still possible, but we agree that that timeframe might be a little soon."

AndroidGuys reminds us that during "Google I/O, Google showed off technology allowing Android users to stream music from their computers to their handsets. No word yet as to whether Gingerbread will bring additional features or just build on this concept."

I think, as well as Phandroid and Gizmodo, that we should expect Android Gingerbread around the holiday season, maybe just before Christmas. It is Gingerbread after all.

In a side note, the main article also mentioned that Israel would see Google Navigation "probably not so fast as you wish" but that it would come eventually.

Other Sources: AndroidGuys, BoyGeniusReport, Gizmodo, Phandroid

Image from BoyGeniusReport

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