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Android Gaming: Xoom performance, Unity 3D game list
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Android Gaming: Xoom performance, Unity 3D game list

I'm not much of a gamer, but I did spend some long afternoons on Angry Birds when it came out and tried out quite a few of the Flash games that Adobe posted on their mobile showcase. This week Android showed it's gaming teeth with the Xoom blazing through some HD games and Unity 3D releasing the list of all games made its game engine, some of which were ported from iOS. For more info, a video of the Xoom and the game list read past the break.

We all knew the Xoom was powerful and Android tablets handled games coded for phones just fine, but in the video below you'll see what the Xoom can do with mostly tablet optimized games and its Tegra 2 and 1 GB of RAM:

Unity 3D, on the other hand, is a game engine used for coding Android games that also helps devs port games from other platforms to Android. The list of titles released is comprehensive and I'm really happy about Rocket Bunnies showing up. You can get it and a number of the games on the list below in our shop:


  1. Optathlon for United Airlines by Matmi
  2. Castle Warriors by GameResort
  3. Doodle Bowling by GameResort
  4. Zombie Defense by Dromedary
  5. Some slider puzzles by Decane
  6. Dogfight Lite for Android by Joaquin Grech (+ Dogfight)
  7. BATTLE BEARS: Zombies! by SkyVu Pictures
  8. Paper Football 3D for Android by JIRBO Games
  9. Zombies vs Catgirls by Randy Flood
  10. Bead Trail by Paul Schreiber
  11. The Great Ball Drop by Swift Creek Games LLC
  12. Skee Hoops by Hairy Monster Studios
  13. Beer Pong Classic by Corey Ledin LLC
  14. Lame Castle by Be-Rad Entertainment
  15. Catch a Ghost by Paul Schreiber
  16. Abduction by Nanogamo
  17. Crash For Cash by Midnight Status
  18. BowQuest: PandaMania! by FizzPow Games
  19. Cows Don't Fly by HyperBees Ltd.
  20. Penguin X Run by Root9
  21. Phoenix Spirit by Spearhead Entertainment
  22. Polarity by Little Buddy Entertainment
  23. Ragna Rock by Gamevial
  24. Drink It! by Z3D
  25. Splode by Escalation Studios LLC
  26. Food Fight! Children's Book by Jelly Biscuits
  27. Mana Chronicles by Spearhead Entertainment
  28. Downhill Bowling 2 by GameResort
  29. Drift Mania Championship by Ratrod Studio Inc.
  30. Douglas Fur's Call of the Wild by Blue Diesel LLC
  31. Can Knockdown by Infinite Dreams
  32. Plasma Lamp by Infinite Dreams
  33. Rocket Bunnies by Defiant Development
  34. Crazy Snowboard by Ezone.com
  35. UFO Puzzle Attack! by David Gutierrez Palma
  36. Pebble by Gamevial
  37. Road Rage Lite by Gamevial
  38. Draw3D Lite by Gamevial
  39. Army Ranger Challenge by The Game Agency
  40. Bed Intruder The Game by Mighty Rabbit Studios, Inc.
  41. Memory Block and Memory Block Pro by Category 5 Games
  42. Topple Towers by Ian Stanbridge
  43. Vertigo Towers JoshOClock
  44. Breakout Kings by The Game Agency
  45. Stupid Zombies by GameResort
  46. Zombie Room AR by No, You Shut Up Games
  47. Holmenkollen Ski Jump by Agens AS
  48. Samurai II: Vengeance by MADFINGER Games
  49. Qbism HD Blowfish Studios Ltd
  50. Dr Nano X - will be available at Amazon Android App Store
  51. Miku, the videogame by Albert Devesa Triscon
  52. Cordy by SilverTree Media
  53. AirAttack HD Lite Art In Games
  54. Doodle Monster RVW games
  55. Stellar Escape by Orange Agenda
  56. Hungry MonstR by Blowfish Studios Ltd

Image: droidreign.com

Video: Droid-Life.com

Game list: droidgamers.com

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