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Hide Phone's Dirty Pictures from Friends By Creating Guest Account
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Hide Phone's Dirty Pictures from Friends By Creating Guest Account


So, let's say you've got some dirty pictures on your phone, or a porn app or two. Maybe you listen to Lady Gaga but don't want anyone to know about it. Your friend, Bob, wants to play around with your phone. Do you let him or do you say no? 

Unfortunately, no Android phone currently supports multiple users, resulting in sometimes awkward or tense moments when a friend (or girlfriend) tries to use your Android and finds something you don't want 'em to find.

While we're still waiting for manufacturers to support multiple users, a new app for rooted phones called SwitchMe allows users to modify the data, settings and apps that are loaded on the device when a user signs in. A user could potentially use this functionality to create public profiles for friends and family. While it isn't exactly so intuitive to use, it's still a big step forward.

The technology behind SwitchMe saves all of your applications and data, protects it and stores it as a file in memory. You can then log out of an account and log into a fresh installation of Android or another account with its own unique content.

As phones become more and more the devices you hand around to friends and coworkers to play with different apps and such, these kind of privacy measures seem to become more and more important.

The app is currently available at Android Market.

Source: Android Market

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