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Android Malware Can Spy On Your Personal Texts

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Sorry for the doomsday headline, but news about a new Android malware has some people more than just a little uncomfortable. According to Mark Balanze, a security threat analyst at TrendsLabs, a new kind of malware has been uncovered that could use your text messages in a number of illegal ways.

In a nutshell, this form of malware installs two receivers onto your device and uses them to communicate with an external server. In English that means that someone could potentially use your phone as a proxy to send and receive messages or - in the worst case scenario - hackers could use the malware to sy and read through your personal texts. Frightining? Well, sort of. Up to now the biggest malware scandals have involved malware programs posing as reputable Android apps. Thankfully, the only way to get this malware is if someone literally takes your phone from you and manually installs the harmful receivers. Otherwise, the chances of catching another this pesky Android bacteria are very slim.

Just to be on the safeside, you can see if you've fallen prey to this malware by going to Running Services and checking for something called FlashService. If you find it. just uninstall it like any regular application.

Source: TrendLabs

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