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Android Market Reaches 100,000 Apps Milestone

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Oct 27, 2010

According to a tweet from the AndroidDev Twitter account, the Android Market now has over 100,000 apps in the Android Market. The last time I covered the number of apps in the Android Market was back in mid-late June when the number of apps in the Android Market was 65,000.

AndroidandMe notes that the pace of app development has decreased since summer, but that with the launch of Google TV and more tablets this holiday season, we may start seeing the pace of Android app development increase once again.

The growth is impressive, considering that it took seven months to get from 30,000 to this point. A comment on Phandroid's coverage points out that the growth of apps from roughly one year ago has grown 400%.

However, we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves, as Apple is still leading in terms of number of available apps, with their App Store possessing almost 300,000 apps, according to Engadget.

Belief is high among Android communities like Phandroid and TalkAndroid that the popularity of Android for developers will eventually surpass iOS.

If you feel like taking a browse through the 100,000+ apps, head on over to the AndroidPIT App Database and do some app searches.

Other Sources: AndroidandMe, Engadget, Phandroid, TalkAndroid

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