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According to Engadget, the last few versions of Android have been occasionally suffering from a bug where some users' SMS/MMS are sent to someone other than the intended receiver, resulting in possible confusion, embarrassment, and even worse consequences for those involved.

Apparently, some messages sent by a device running a recent version of Android can be sent to someone in a user's contact list other than the person which was selected. This is obviously a big problem for many people, especially those that send private messages to friends or family that shouldn't be read by others.

However, that is not the worst bug. Sometimes, after the message has been sent, it even appear to have been sent to the correct person. Engadget write that there is still one way to know for sure who received the sent message by checking out the Message Details screen after sending it.

To top it all off, this last issue appears to only by a "medium" priority for the Google employee in charge of fixing problems which the community report. Google seems to have made some attempts this year to fix these problems in the past, and while we don't know yet if they have fixed with Gingerbread, the thread about the problem in Google Code is showing the issue as unresolved, indicating that it still exists.

If this issue is concerning to you, hit up the link here to the Google Code forums and scroll to the bottom of the page, where you can vote for the issue.

Image from Engadget

Source: Engadget


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  • Alex T. Jan 3, 2011 Link to comment

    Priorty on the bug has been updated to critical after everybody made a big fuss about this. Maybe in Ice Cream they will actually fix the issue.

  • if you vote on the Google site, please just note. don't write a "me too" comment.

  • john Jan 2, 2011 Link to comment

    thought I was crazy but guess not. I've noticed this several times now with my evo. send a message to someone then realize it showed up in the message list sent to someone other then the intended recipient. usually just other friends but today it happend and sent a personal message to a random number I don't know nor have ever contacted! hope Google fixes this!

  • Alex T. Dec 31, 2010 Link to comment

    I haven't had the problem with texting but with voice calls. It was there in 2.1, stock 2.2 and the AOSP 2.2 I'm running now so it's deep inside the Android code somewhere. Sometimes when I select one contact to call it'll call another. Most of the time it's someone I had called within the last 24 hours but every so often it's some random person I had never called/texted/emailed.
    Still better than antennagate, tho.

  • did some edits just now to make it sounds a bit less sensational. This is not a problem for everyone.

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