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Hurra! Android is number 1! But unlike the screams of joy heard from the boardrooms of electronic producers the world over when they look at their Android sales figures, this number 1 isn't something to get excited about. Because, while Android does enjoy the position of market leader in the world-wide smartphone race, Googles OS also has become the number one target of malware attacks. At least those are the results of a new three month survey of mobile networks. But (and this is a big BUT) The report in question was authored by none other then McAfee, a company which makes a profit proving you with „complete protecting from virus and all-round internet security.

So take the figures with a grain of salt. Regardless of the accuracy of the diagram, it does show an overall trend in the Android community.

According to McAfee the number of Android specific malware has increased 76% in the last months. But the explosion hasn't just effected Anroid. The first part of 2011 saw an increase in all areas of mobile computing. Compared to the previous year, 2011 saw a 22% increase in computer viruses and all forms of malicious software.

The increase is in part due to the increasing similarity of mobile devices to their desktop counterparts. This has allowed hackers to quickly retool their programs and sick them on hapless mobile users. The complete report can be found here.

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