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Android lover retaliates to "If you don't have an iPhone" ads, shows why Android is king

Authored by: Alex T. — Mar 25, 2011

Thanks to YouTube user 'mmace' the pesky new ads for the iPhone have found their match. Obviously Apple products are still selling like warm bread, but Apple must be seeing it's position eroded to release ads that claim that only iPhones have access to apps, books and other things that Android has plenty of. The video 'mmace' made shows of quite a few of the things that make Android great, and while it's not fancily directed, doesn't have CGI effects or simulated screen images, it pays tribute to the things we all love about Android every day. Enjoy the video below, and if you want to have a laugh, head past the break for a few of Apple's commercials.







Videos: mmace YouTube channel, Apple YouTube channel                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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