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Android now rules the world - iOS gets cozy in second place

Authored by: Alex T. — Aug 2, 2011

Canalys, an independent technology analyst house, has recently published a study that shows iOS overtaking Symbian to become the second largest mobile OS by market share. Android, first in the category and so by a wide margin, didn't rest on their laurels though. Just like ComScore reported last month, Android is growing at an incredible pace and defending their top spot fiercely. Read on past the break for more info.


 So, the basic gist of the report is that the smartphone market grew 73% year-on-year, while Android phone shipments grew 379% over the same period. Consider, however, that, it was only about 6 months ago that Android overtook Symbian to become the number one mobile OS so that growth number is pretty impressive (sure, interest in Symbian is falling faster than house prices in the US in 2007, but still). 

In effect, this leaves Android with 48% of the global smartphone market, while iOS has 19%. Apple is still the single largest phone vendor by shipments and profits, but combined the Android crowd is doing damn well. In Asia, especially, Android manufacturers are capturing majority shares of the market (South Korea: 85%; Taiwan: 71%). 

Now, if only Android tablets could finally catch up to the iPad, Google would throw themselves quite the little shindig. 



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