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Andy Rubin: Android Tablet Sales "Less Than Expected"

Sometimes comparisons between Apple and Android are unnecessary, but in the tablet game, it's quite hard not to size up the competition. And the competition is fierce: Apple has sold over 50 million iPads since their launch in March of 2010 while Android, on the other hand, has only sold 12 million tablets. Andy Rubin has said at Mobile World Congress that he wants to catch up, but it's going to be tough. 

In an interview with the Verge, Rubin said that Android tablet sales have been "not insignificant, but less then I'd expect it to be if you really want to win." He said that in 2012, Android plans on "doubling down and make sure we're winning in that space." As far as fragmentation, he said "fundamentally you shouldn't have to have a third-party developer build his app twice," and  "there has to be an education process and developers have to do the work" to make tablet-aware apps for Android. Not exactly the strong words you'd want from Android's head honcho.

Look, Android, you've got to figure out the whole tablet thing quick because here is where Windows 8 is a great threat to your ecosystem. By the time Windows 8 rolls around, there's not going to be much of an incentive to buy an Android tablet with a weak app ecosystem, and Android tablets could go down the drain. Time to bring out the big ideas. With competition from Apple's iPad and Windows 8, you could very well lose this market. 

Source: The Verge


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  • I agree with your points made above!

  • Omnius Feb 29, 2012 Link to comment

    Make one sample with these minimum specs, and we will buy:
    Acer Iconia A510, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT, HTC Flyer X, Asus Transmogriph.. Whatever..
    32gb onboard Ram, 1gb Rom.
    5mpx backside cam.
    MicroSD expansion for the new 64gb cards.
    1280x720 standard HD display, for devs to aim at for app compability.

  • Omnius Feb 29, 2012 Link to comment

    .. And usb hosting..

  • Omnius Feb 29, 2012 Link to comment

    It's all down to a few factors..
    Prices is too high for tablets that doesn't have a minimum set of standards like laptops :
    3G connectivity, making them interesting for ISP's to put on sale like phones. SD card expansion so users can take advantage of growt in personal storage. Highly needed 3-5mpx backside cams for adequate quality video chat. And lastly, ISP's needs to get on the bandwagon of multi sim-single account, making user switching from smartphone to tablet an easy affair.