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Android to dominate tablet market by 2014

A recent note to investors, RBC Capital Markets General Manager Mike Abramsky said that the tablet market is poised to explode over the next years and grow from $11 billion revenue to over $70 billion. Estimates place the total number of tablets sold at around 185 million by that time and Android is seen as a future market leader with 40% share. Read past the break for more info.

Abramsky cites innovation by Apple's competitors, an explosion in the developer community and more tablet-oriented apps and the emergence of budget-minded tablets from Asia as main sources for Android's future lead. Right now Apple has cornered 60% of the global supply of touchscreens and a similar number within the supply for other critical components, such as memory and sensors, giving them a price lead. As other large manufacturers get into the tablet game and supply expands to accomodate the predicted explosion in tablet sales, competition should become less fierce, but much of the work that Android has to do to fulfill it's leadership role is in the app space. 

Another deciding factor is the appearance of cheap tablets from Asia that, by that time, would be running Honeycomb, at the least, making them much more attractive than the current crop of cheap tablets with low-res screens and sub-par specs. By 2014, tablets with specs above those of the Xoom & Co. will be affordable and provide most users with more than enough of an incentive to make the jump into tablets. I'm sure that by then the iPad 4 or 5 will still be tough competition for the top of the line Android devices, but few people would be hesitant to spend $250 or below for a tablet that handles at least as well as the Xoom by then. 

 Image: Intomobile.com

Source: BGR


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  • The "100" number everyone is citing these days for Android tablet apps is theoretical, at best. At this point, there are 0 tablet-only apps, but nobody seems to complain much. The thing with the iPad and iOS apps is that they don't scale and if you blow up an iPhone app to twice the size it looks horrible. I've had a few Android tablets and 90% of apps scale just fine.

    Sure, you don't get the experience of using an app thought through for tablets that utilizes all the screen real estate, but you can use the phone app without a problem until they update them. Also, with the Fragments API, apps can be built to function on both tablets and phones in the same way, just displaying information differently. Once apps show up and Honeycomb becomes the default OS for cheap tablets, it'll be viable to compete with the iPad.

  • In my opinion it will be though to take down apple and the ipad. They have such a head start with 65000 applications dedicated to tablets as android has maybe 100. android also has another large hurtle to deal with. while apple only has to focuse on the ipad to make applications android will have to deal with development of many diferent sized tablets all with different internal components. dont get me wrong i am not an apple fan boy however i believe there will be good compotition not an android takeover

  • Dominate is a relative term here, especially since it will probably be spread over several versions of Android. Considering that Apple won't be far apart and RIM, HP and Windows (if they even launch a tablet OS by 2014) will be battling for the rest of the market, innovation will remain key.

  • It would be bad if Android truly dominated the Market. Strong competition drives development. What happens if a market is dominated we saw with Microsoft and well NOKIA.