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AndroidPIT Contest of the Week - Leave a Comment, Win a Prize!

AndroidPIT Contest of the Week - Leave a Comment, Win a Prize!

We’ve decided it’s time to give something back to our Android community by introducing our new AndroidPIT Contest of the Week!

Win great prizes by simply sharing your thoughts and comments every week on a variety of questions and issues related to Android.

So here’s how it goes:

Every week we’ll post a question and the most creative and insightful comments will get rewarded with exclusive AndroidPIT prizes.

This week’s topic is: HTC Sense

Obviously, all the different HTC phones are running on different hardware, but we’d like to hear your take on the HTC Sense user interface.

How has (or has not) HTC Sense improved your overall Android experience?
Feel free to be as creative and/or critical as you can!

The best comment wins a $20 dollar gift certificate to the Android App Center!

So are you ready? Get set, on your mark….GO!

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  • I fond this post very interesting and informative

  • It's both the little and big things that I love about HTC Sense...

    First of all, I love the homescreen. Sure HTC is a bit over-proud of their weather app (one only need to look at the marketing spree surrounding the Sensation's video weather functions to realize this) but I still love the way the phone displays the weather under that retro rolodex clock. A small thing, perhaps, but aesthetics are important. As Lady Gaga would surely say, "style is substance."

    I actually do use Friend Stream on a regular basis, and I appreciate the simplicity of a single platform that displays my friends' tweets and status updates. So much of the software phone makers bundle with their Android phones is useless, but this I find quite helpful.

    But it's the little things that really make the HTC Sense awesome..

    I can't count the number of times I've fumbled with my phone as it rang and rang, annoying everyone in the room. I love that I can just put the phone face down on the table (a gesture that feels totally natural) for it to lower its volume. It may seem like a small innovation, but the best innovations are often small and intuitive like this one.

    I also like how the ringer increases its volume when its in a bag, so I can find it more easily.

    None of this is even mentioning the fact that HTC Sense and Android are so compatible, and how HTC has been so good at rolling out new updates first. It can be so frustrating, when you own an Android, to watch as the whole world gets their hands on a new Android OS while you're stuck with the old one. With HTC, this rarely happens.

    So, in conclusion, while many phone manufacturers bundle bogus software with their phones, HTC manages to improve the look and feel of the Android with their "Sense." This is not surprising, given that HTC created the first Android, and is now looking to develop their own pure Android phone system.


  • To make things clear, I’m developing Android application and I think HTC Sense it’s unique interface that provide the best user experience. Why I think so? Look into standard Android UX components, they are ugly. Google tries to make components quickly, but forget how usefull they would be for users. The best examples are “Time picker” and "Tabs". If you look int standard application HTC Clock you could see bottom sliding tabs, which slides even there is no space on a screen. That tabs are fancy and useful, your finger at the bottom of the screen already. When you implement standard android Tabs they are at top of the screen, you should turn out hand to tap them.
    HTC make a big work with HTC sense, they are do, that Google wont to do,they are thinking about people and how system is useful for them. Also, look into Camera application from HTC you will find a good UX approach with Sliding drawer at the top of the screen, all option are there. You don’t need to open another screen to chage you options, all on the fly.
    In my apps I try to orient on UX provided by HTC and Sense.If they are run on HTC devices they are look native, if on other they look like considered. That all I need, satisfied users, thank you HTC for making this world better.

  • Do not have the intention to win a price...

    Just this:
    I don´t like Sense at all.

    I would appreciate it very much if Google stopped this UI-overlay-nonsense like Sense, MotoBlur and others. Easier OS- updates would be very likely.

    There are many nice launchers on the market like ´LauncherPro´ or ´SPB Shell 3 D´ which make Sence & Co. definitely obsolete.

  • HTC sense while well done concedes control of the interface to HTC. In the long run competing developers will build the best interface and features. Maybe like Google Chrome has made browsers better, HTC sense will contribute to an improved experience. However it would be more beneficial if it competed in the app market.

  • Sense was fine back in the donut and even froyo days, but now google is really starting to improve the ui in gingerbread and beyond so I find any skin (even sense which is by far the most polished of all the skins) unnecessary bloat. Or just make it optional. Personally I prefer stock to anything else.

  • Well When we talk about HTC sense , I call this Smartphone + phones...
    HTC sense basically separate other phones to HTC phones...
    Its increase one more sense of the human with the touch and feel....
    The most powerful and beautifully designed widgets are Weather updates that make phone live ... Multiple desktop, another + point , and Live Wallpapers ...Awesome feature....
    HTC Sense means you are little better than other android phone users....
    best of luck to HTC...

  • I think, HTC Sense increased my Andeoid experience most with the 71 awesome. Widgets. Well, of course, there are similar widgets in the market, like the famous BB, but the HTC things are just more stylish, usefull and... just fit more into the overall Android System, I think, e.g. the Energy-dashboard, or the Friendstream Oh, and of course, it IS very bad having to wait longer for the updates, but , Isn't HTC going to be one of the first OTA updaters of 2.3 this month?
    So, all in all, the HTC Sense UI, and mostly it's widgets made my life with android way easier than with the StockUI.

  • Hi guys,

    I think HTC Sense is a great improvement in useability and makes Android easier to "understand" IF you are a people who don't know very much about android!
    If you are interested in everything that has to do with android and have some experience with android, you probably don't like the HTC Sense because of - we all know it - the long time to get android updates!
    I think it would be best, if HTC would make a normal launcher app - like adw or launcher pro - and put it on market. So everyone can freely install the HTC Sense if they like it. If not they can delete it from there HTC Device.

    Sorry for my bad English ;)

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