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Andy Rubin now Senior VP of Android after Google management shake-up

Authored by: Alex T. — Apr 12, 2011

I wrote earlier about the fact that Google was re-organizing its management and Eric Schmidt, dedicated to the cause but not involved in the founding process, was being replaced with a decidedly more product-oriented Larry Page. Andy Rubin started Android before Google ever expressed interest and, in the new configuration, he's now Senior Vice President of Android, stepping up to the ranks of people that report directly to Page himself. Rubin responded to Android lovers a few days ago after plans to revamp the process by which hardware manufacturers would get access to Android source-code. He now has more executive power to bring the best about Android to the forefront and, maybe, thwart some of the greediness carriers have used to fill your Android devices with bloatware and other decidedly un-fun stuff, a welcome move, I believe.



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