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App Give Away Round 1 Winner Selected; Round 2 Begins Today

Round one of the AndroidPIT App Give away is over and a winner has been selected. AndroidPIT member Sinclair M. has been selected and will be receiving an email in short order with his gift code and a thank you from the editors at AndroidPIT for helping making our community one of the biggest and most diverse Android communities online.

If you didn't win this week don't worry about it! There are still three more chances to win $50 in App Center credit before Christmas. Details after the jump!

The Contest
Throughout December, the English editors at AndroidPIT will be combing both forum and blog and keeping a list (we might even check it twice) of all the best comments left by the loyal members of the AndroidPIT community. At the end of each week, we'll put our heads together and decide who's left the best, most entertaining, informative, interesting or downright strangest comment on any of our blogs or forum posts. Whoever the fates smile on that week wins $50 in App Center credit.

Winners will be notified each Friday and officially announced the following Monday. It's as simple as logging in a leaving a comment. So limber up your fingers and tell us what you think about just about anything going on in the Android community. Of course, the more often you comment, the better your chances of winning are. But remember, quality counts! So be funny, informative and innovative!

Oh and just in case you don't have an account you can still register with AndroidPIT. It's free and only takes just a few seconds!


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  • No Gnus is good gnus, they say.... wait! that can't be right, just let me check my Gnus reader. ?:^)

  • Very kind Aaron. I will downlo... wait have you seen the price! Free, oh yeah I'll fall for that one. Free are always loaded with ads. You are a dupe of the Android developers clique. Sitting in their Silicon Valley offices and earning more money than Apple and Microsoft combined with their free and 99 cent apps. Wake up to yourself! Those people use innocent animals like Gnus to reap their riches. Look at those annoyed birdie things.... proof as it is available on Android. Who ever saw birds that look like that for goodness sake and what have they got to be annoyed about? The noble Gnu is ignored but those flying monstrosities get all the action. You are being manipulated, open your eyes to the truth. Things will never turn around until we have an android app like "Irritated Gnus". Thank you

  • Oh I found one:Look up 4x4 Safari Slider Free. There are Gnus to be had there!

  • Actually, we took a Siberian reindeer as the model for our graphic because we thought their thick fur better invoked the tactile feeling of winter. Sorry you took umbrage to our choice of Christmas decorations, but as it is a European festival, a little local culture is justifiable I think and can hardly be described as fascist. I still haven't found any Gnu-based apps but I'll keep looking. With around half a million Android apps, there has to be one that features a Connochaetes taurinus.

  • What's an operating system?? I'm talking about Gnus with cloven feet. We studied them at school: "I'm a Gnu spelled G.N.U.....". As for antelope why do you always have to label everything to fit your world view? Look at the picture at the top of this webpage. Its a European Reindeer. That proves my point, enough said. Thank you.

  • You're message is a wee bit confusing. Gnu is a different operating system or an antelope, take your pick. We focus on Android, which is a mobile OS and very much not an antelope. I could try to find some antelope based applications for you thought I'm not sure they've been developed yet. But I do think some kind of automatic Godwin detector would serve you well. I'll see what I can do.

  • Why aren't there more apps featuring Gnu's. This discrimination against African wildlife is typical of the fascist WASP approach of this site. Name me one Gnu featured app on this site! You can't can you. NOT GOOD ENOUGH :(

  • Haha well we can't really help with milk money but keep commenting in the forum or in the blog and you just might get lucky!

  • can you guys choise me because i have no money for the milk