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Apple vs. Samsung Scandal: Live Tweets From the Courtroom!


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As we already all heard yesterday, the German court in Düsseldorf has placed an injuction on the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in a temporary victory for Apple. Just on the other side of the border in Netherlands , Apple and Samsung are involved in another seperate lawsuit revolving around the same patent disputes. Andreas Udo de Haes, a Dutch tech reporter, is on the spot at this very moment tweeting about all of the latest action from inside the courtroom. Get an exclusive look at the courtroom drama after the break. 

Based on the latest tweets from inside the courtroom are helping expose just how ridiculous Apple's argumentation is. While Samsung's team of lawyers is presenting evidence of smartphone models from tech exhibits before the release of the iPhone, Apple's legal team is arguing that it's the "general impression" that counts. Things have become so ridiculous, in fact, that Apple is arguing that no other OS is allowed to have a virtual unlock screen. The Dutch judge isn't too happy with the way Apple is constructing its case. Check out some of the argumentation below: 

What do you think of the whole situation? Keep tabs on the explosive atmosphere in the courtroom on Andreas' twitter.


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