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Are You Having Lockscreen Issues With Your HTC Sensation?

(Pretty lockscreens, but do they function like they're supposed to?)

Well, it finally happened to me. The lockscreen on my HTC is broken, and I have no idea how to fix it.

I'd read about people experiencing lockscreen issues with their Sensation before and my thought was "oh, that stinks," but now that it's happened to me, I'm angry. The lockscreen on my Sensation works, but only occasionally, and sometimes only after the 5th or 6th swipe.

If this sounds like a First World Problem, yes, it certainly is. I am whining about a feature that is a truly awesome idea – a lockscreen where you can drag a ring to open up favored apps and features. But it is annoying that this feature doesn't work as before, and perhaps even dangerous; what if me or other users are in an emergency situation and unable to use their phones?

I've now read over 25 user posts in 5 different blogs all stating the same issue. Android Police has also written about laggy touch screen issues on their model. Looks like this is a "known issue," but, with no updates available, most users are being left out in the cold. 


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  • I think the causing problem for this issue is the heating point of the processor, witch is right in the lockscreen place.

    since I used the phone I saw that when I played serious games like asphalt, airattack etc the bottom screen was getting verry verry warm.

    the long stress of the bottom touchscreen is causing lags in time, and this I think happened to you.

    because this is only my guessing I invite you and other users with similar problems to confirm if they belive had stressed the CPU in constant way, and might be a useful info the period they have the phone.

    I only have it for a month, so no need to complain yet, but I will be preventive and resume for only few minutes for strong 3d games.

    a very strange thing that I noticed so far is that the screen is turning on and off randomly, with no button pressed or anything...it has its own personality...

  • i've never had any issues, but i can feel for you. hopefully, an update is all it takes to fix the problem.

  • this probably isn't the issue but when my Xperia's screen gets a little damp it stops working. I normally have to make sure its really dry before I can get any kind of response and its the same thing if there is a little gunk or sweat on the screen. Maybe thats part of the issue?

  • I wonder what the H is going on..

  • Mine's doing fine, but this sounds like a really annoying problem.