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BREAKING: Netherlands Judge Orders Ban on Galaxy S, SII
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BREAKING: Netherlands Judge Orders Ban on Galaxy S, SII

Looks like a Netherlands judge has withheld Apple's injunction against Samsung's Galaxy and Galaxy S2. This means that the Samsung Galaxy S and the Galaxy S2 will both be temporarily banned in all of the European Union. Engadget is saying the ban will begin October 13th.

The judge determined that Apple violated patent 2,058,868, which deals with "method of scrolling," but didn't violate a number of other patents including 2,098,948 for "recording a flag in connection with multiple screen taps," or 1,964,022, which relates to dragging a slider to unlock the phone . We'll update you with more information as it breaks.

This article has been corrected since its original publication.

Source: Engadget


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  • Samo Galaxy II :-) :-) :-)

  • Think about this another way: out of the many, many patents in dispute, Apple only won a single patent dispute. In a way, this is a victory for Samsung.

  • This whole mess is just about the sliding between pictures thing. It's totally blown out of proportion and completely ridiculous.

  • I'm pretty sure I saw Tom Cruise "swiping" between images in Minority Report in 2002.

  • @Steven: What a strange world we live in...

  • This is the patent in question:

    When you have a gallery with tumbnails and click on one to zoom in, it will show the image in full/screen. If you then swipe to left/right you see the next/previous picture".

    THAT is what's patented by Apple and why it is banned. It only applies to Android 2.3 devices as well. So experts in NL think that an update would be sufficient to circumvent it.

    Link to patent: http://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/description?CC=EP&NR=2059868A2&KC=A2&FT=D&date=20090520&DB&locale=en_EP

  • Raj P. Aug 24, 2011 Link to comment

    It's a fairly complicated legal proceeding, but let me try and summarize it for you:

    Apple is suing Samsung on a whole set of different copyright infringements ranging from the icons to the touchscreen to the lockscreen motion (i.e. swiping across the screen to unlock your phone). In fact, Apple has listed so many different patent infringements that it's impossible to list them all.

    Samsung's argument is that Apple's accusations are too broad and general and that virtually any smartphone would be violating Apple patents in this case. Apple has remained firm and has asked the European Courts to ban Galaxy S phones from stores as they are based on "stolen patents".

    They are leading a legal effort against Samsung on multiple fronts, in Germany, Holland and other countries across the world.

  • Karen Aug 24, 2011 Link to comment

    Can they just stop banning and then un-banning the SII every other week? I am waiting for someone to come along and actually EXPLAIN what is going on. I have failed to yet gain any REAL and INSIGHTFUL information on the subject.

    I thought that the German court had already ruled and now the Netheralands?? and yet both are valid for the entire EU? Can anyone clear up this mess for me?