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BlackBerry Messenger Coming To Android and iOS?
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BlackBerry Messenger Coming To Android and iOS?

BoyGeniusReport received tips from several of their trusted sources that RIM, makes of the Blackberry line of phones, are planning on porting a stripped-down version of their BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app to Android and iOS devices. Apparently, RIM hasn't firmly decided whether or not the service will be free or when the app should release.

BoyGeniusReport contends that the sources believe RIM was tired of letting third-party developers creating Android messaging apps like Kik and WhatsApp that allow users to communicate across platform with BlackBerry devices, and not having their own official app available to compete in that market.

The rumor being spread right now is that the iOS and Android variants will have limited functionality, and might lack such features as photo sharing, videos, and location. While their report indicates that the Android variant could see a launch this year, the expected timeline for its release onto iOS devices is so unknown that no dates were rumored. 

One of the theories behind what is perceived by many to be a strange move by RIM is that, if RIM releases this app onto the market for iOS and Android devices, some consumers might be persuaded by BBM enough to want to switch to a BlackBerry device to have the full abilities that BBM offers.

Image from Android Central

Source: BoyGeniusReport


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