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RIP Blackberry

RIP Blackberry

Blackberry is basically dead. As of today, the company has announced it will plan on phasing out their consumer products and focus entirely on marketing phones to businesses. This comes after a truly abysmal year for the firm, with a net loss of $125 million over the past year. Blackberry isn't even competing well with the iPhone in its home market in Ontario.

When it comes to battling Android and Apple, Blackberry has given up. According to the new CEO a turnaround at the company would require "substantial change." While the CEO says Blackberry needs to "focus on our strengths," he doesn't describe what those strenths are. In fact, while the company used to be known for their security, but even government agencies that require discretion and privacy are turning to Apple and Android for their employee phones.

It's not just sexiness where Blackberry fails. It also completely lacks the kind of app ecosystem of Apple or Android. So I suppose it's wise that the company is now focusing purely on their corporate clients, even if that list is dwindling. The company is also bleeding money, and has lost billions of dollars over the past few years, as full fiscal 2012 profit has dropped to $1.16 billion from $3.4 billion the year before.

I'm not gleeful about this; I've never been against Blackberry in any way. That said, they certainly have been slow to adapt to the new marketplace. I'm not sure what the future holds for them, or even if they have a future. The CEO is saying he wouldn't be opposed to a buyout. How do you guys feel about this? Have you ever owned a Blackberry?

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  • androids apps FULL OF MALWARE HEHEHEHEHEH! BLACKBERRY IS STILL THE BEST MY Q10 IS THE BEST! just sold my xperia and S3 bought also an iphone never will i buy an android full of sh........T!!!!!!

  • i have a BLACKBERRY Q10 and it is superfast even your samsung S3 and SAMSUNG S4 lost in BBQ10 when it comes to connection to the net. i also have a sony xperia go and a samsung s3 mini they dont stand a chance with the q10,im more comfortable with my q10 how do you convince me to like andoid with so many apps but full of cheap crap!i seldom used apps all i need is my emails and weather app and texts why the sh......t would i download so many apps then wont be using it for a year? so far my q10 is the best! tried and tested.if i want a big screen then id go for 60inch TV if i want a good camera then id buy a good camera not 3in1 celfone im not gonna look like an idiot on the street with a big fone on my pocket.

  • Ilgaz Mar 30, 2012 Link to comment

    All they have needed was a blackberry certification process& frameworks& app for android.
    They could say "these devices, unless running modified ROM or 'rooted' can access basic functionality of bbn"
    These guys actually HAD something like that, I remember a symbian application, years ago.
    Real absurd is, there are still millions of people using android can pay for enterprise like reliability& features of end user network. They are ready to pay subscription too.

  • Spot on. I has always been like this. Ever since the Apple II — Systems meant for private users pushing into businesses.

    And the reason: More interesting apps. In the case of Apple II it was Visicalc. And more innovative Word-processors.

    If you loose the battle on the consumer market you will loose the business market as well.

    Yes, Steven, 2005 … 2007 is a good estimation.

  • Right, Cam, and the fact is that more and more government agencies which used to pick RIM over Apple or Android are abandoning ship, and once the company loses its corporate clients, it's game over.

    There was a time when it was very hip to have a Blackberry -- I'd say around 2005-2007.

  • Hasn't a business focus always been what rim was about I don't think I've ever known a black berry user who didn't wear a suit n tie and think they're employees were resources, the real surprise here is the fact rim think reducing their market will help, ios and Android aren't just forces to be rekoned with in the teenage facetweeting world they both have strong standings in the business world and there booming app environments are just going to boost that further, rims problems won't go away just coz they stop trying to sell to skater Jim and focus on tie wearing jim

  • In my experience is the consumer market for operating system the battlefield for market shares.

    You don't necessary make money there but if you loose there you soon after loose it all.

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