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Breaking: Blue Stack Seamlessly Integrates Android with Windows
Google 1 min read 4 comments

Breaking: Blue Stack Seamlessly Integrates Android with Windows

Exciting news from the folks at BlueStacks. The company has just released a test form of a program that allows users to run a virtualized copy of Android atop Windows. The app is already being called 'Parallels for Windows'.

Slash Gear has given the app a run for its money and are happy with the results. Why would anyone want to run Android on their Windows?

Well, imagine printing something from within Android or making a call in Android's Skype application via Microsoft's VoIP drivers. Or, at a much more basic level, you could buy Angry Birds on Android and run it on Windows for free. The implications are potentially huge.

The company is expected to release the code 'later this year.' Price tag unknown.

Source: Engadget


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  • Sorin 4 months ago Link to comment

    In essence, Android is also a Linux, just as small, and specialized. So its emulation is possible in an emulator, such as Blue Stack. This way you can test all kinds of applications, much easier and more convenient, or you can develop new applications. An emulator of applications is very useful.

  • I run Linux on my machine. But if I would run Windows (muahahahaha), I would probably like to run Evernote on it.

  • Hello there, Dr. Evil. Which app would you most like to sync up between your Android and PC?

  • Good morning folks.

    I hate Windows... :-)