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CEOs Of T-Mobile USA and D. Telekom Meeting To Discuss Strategy
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CEOs Of T-Mobile USA and D. Telekom Meeting To Discuss Strategy

Reuters is reporting that, Rene Obermann, the CEO of Deutsche Telekom (and parent company of T-Mobile USA), revealed in an interview with German magazine Bild that he will meet with Philip Humm, CEO of T-Mobile USA, on Thursday to discuss how to increase T-Mobile's strength within the big four US carriers by generating interest in "faster mobile internet services"

"In the U.S., we need an aggressive marketing policy and customer-friendly pricing," said Mr. Obermann in his interview with Bild. "We have to improve our arguments as to why customers should come to us or stay with us." 

This meeting could not come at a better time considering the bad press T-Mobile and Samsung have been getting due to the rumor that the Android 2.2 update for the Samsung Vibrant is being held back because of the imminent launch of an HSPA+ Android 2.2 version of the Fascinate.

The question is, what could they be considering to make the company more appealing? 

Phandroid comments that the network is already "one of the more competitive carriers in terms of pricing", and wonders if they might start trying to take more customers away from the regional carriers.

T-Mobile's smartphone offerings (especially Android) are also nothing to scoff at, considering that at the time of writing, they have 24 Android devices on sale through them, including the myTouch series, several offerings from Samsung, Motorola, LG, and HTC. In addition, the Nexus S and Nexus One are both designed to run on GSM networks like T-Mobile's.

Two hopeful piece of information to be gained from the article is Mr. Humm's comment that T-Mobile will not charge extra fees for accessing their highest-speed networks, unlike Verizon and Sprint will be doing with their "4G" networks. In addition, Reuters writes that T-Mobile USA has plans to double their networks speeds during the year in what seems to be a move to provide more bandwidth for more consumers and more data heavy applications.

To you T-Mobile customers out there, what steps could T-Mobile do to make you feel more valued as a customer and more likely to stay on for another contract?

Source: Reuters

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