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Carriers To Decide On Android 2.2 Tethering

Yesterday Google announced that Android FroYo would include device tethering (the ability to use your handset to supply internet for a second device) and the ability to become a wireless hotspot. Unfortunately, TechCrunch is already giving us the bad news with it's report that individual carriers will likely have control over this ability when it gets released.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Android's head of engineering, talked with a TechCrunch blogger and got an interesting response. Apparently, the data being accessed through the tethering isn't flagged in any specific way, but if a carrier wanted to, they could probably find a way to do that. Assuming they do, it is only realistic that carriers would "either charge extra for, or disable entirely, tethering on the phones they sell."

Androinica sums it up decently, saying that "Google is going to support it but the individual carrier does not have to. And if they do, they can consider it an added service, which may come with an added price."

As for how likely this scenario is, TechCrunch adds that we have seen both "carriers and OEMs have been molding Android to suit their needs for a while now." As for phones with stock Android OS, we have to wait and see.

Other Sources: Androinica

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Source: TechCrunch

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  • I have a droid and was quite upset or I should say mad when the representative from Verizon told me that I could still tether using their pay for internet service. They lied. Now because we can get it for free they wanna get mad and charge for something that should be included. I mean how many times can they charge you for the same service. I say keep it free. We need to stand up on this one.

    A concerned paying customer.