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Could New Gel-Based Batteries Be Used to Create Flexible Phones?

 A team of researchers at the University of Leeds say they've created a new type of polymer gel that could lead to batteries that are lighter, safer and more flexible. The gel would be used in place of the volatile and toxic lithium used in most batteries in gadgets today.

The researchers claim that their gel batteries couldn't catch fire like liquid filled batteries and are as safe as polymer batteries but are 10% to 20% the price of either. As well as being safe and damage tolerant, the flexible cells could be shaped and bent to fit into any device, say the researchers, which makes me wonder if they'd ever fit inside these kinds of wild prototypes.

The researchers say they've already licensed the technology to Polystor Energy Corporation, which is now conducting trials to commercialize the cells. Big news, no?


Like a Second Skin: The Flexible Samsung Phone from the Future

Source: BBC News


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  • I think she means slap bracelets. We had them in grade school. They were bits of plastic you could slap on your rist and ware like a bracelet. I think they were made of old tape measures or something like that.

  • Zhu Lee Sep 13, 2011 Link to comment

    @Miranda What are slap-braslets?

  • Does that mean well get slap-braslet phones one day? That would be so BUTTER!

  • Sam-Droid Sep 13, 2011 Link to comment

    Okay I get the idea, but wouldn't they screen prevent them from every developing phones like that? Glass is pretty ridgid last time I checked. I don't think there is really a way around that.

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