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Court Confirms Initial Verdicts: Galaxy Tab 10.1 Will Remain Banned in Germany
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Court Confirms Initial Verdicts: Galaxy Tab 10.1 Will Remain Banned in Germany

Apple has packed another win under its belt in the endless and exhausting law suit against Samsung. A German court in Düsseldorf confirmed the initial ruling banning the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany. If anyone has been taking the story lightly, things have gotten a lot more serious, very fast. It now looks as if the German court is standing by its intial ruling and fully implementing a complete ban on the sale and import of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 across all of Germany.

Apple's team of lawyers managed to convince the German panel of judges of the fact that Samsung has grossly infringed on several of Apple's patents concerning the iPad. As hard as they tried, Samsung failed to convince the German court that there had been similar tablets released before the arrival of the Apple iPad. In the mind of the chief justice, there is no doubt that the Galaxy Tabs were extremely similar to the Apple iPad in virtually every single way.

Although the court had initially pulled the plug on the sale of Galaxy Tabs across the entire EU, this decision has been temporary annulled and the Galaxy Tab will be banned only in Germany for the time being. This delves a serious blow to Samsung's plans for knocking Apple of the tablet pedestal ahead of IFA – the world's largest electronics fair in Berlin where Samsung is preparing to present several new devices to the public.

We'll try our best to keep you posted on the latest developments from inside the German courtroom.



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  • Raj P. Aug 25, 2011 Link to comment

    @Aaron I think the comparison between a PC and Mac just isn't valid. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks a lot more similar to an iPad than any computer ever did.

  • @ Raj and Amir

    I think the point that you guys fail to understand is what kind of effect this could have on competition. Yes, the Samsung does look like the Apple based on the "general look and feel" of the thing, but how can someone quantify that? All cell phone look alike. All computers have a monitor, mouse and keyboard. So what? A judgement for Apple could set disturbing precedent where companies start suing each other over nothing.

  • @Raj That's exactly what I thought. In fact, I was really surprised that Samsung managed to make one in the first place. I like Android and I am an active user, but sometimes my common sense just tells me that Apple has a point here (i understand that this will get me eaten alive among android lovers).

  • Raj P. Aug 25, 2011 Link to comment

    Let's be honest here people. The first time I held a Galaxy Tab in my hand the first idea that crossed my mind was: holy shit this looks and feels exactly like an iPad.

  • Well, at least they have stopped banning the Galaxy across all of Europe. That's a step in the right direction because I just couldn't understand how they could legally do that. I understand that there is the EU, but it seemed a bit too much that one court over in Germany could decide for an entire continent.

  • So sick and tired of listening to this. I mean, I thought drawn out cases with celebrities were a drag, but this feels like an episode of Court TV that just NEVER ENDS.