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FCC Filing Exposes North American HTC Desire

HTC's Desire has been a big hit in Europe and other places, but so far is noticably absent in North American markets. That should change soon, especially now that the FCC cleared the Desire with a similar model number as the European counterpart. Telus was supposed to launch a variant of the Desire, called the Triumph, in early June, but that time has passed.

Engadget clarifies the similarities between the FCC numbers on the original Desire, and this device:

Basically, an HTC device with model code PB99220 just got FCC approval with = WCDMA on bands I, II, and V, which would make it fit for use on Bell, Telus, Rogers, and AT&T (plus some European support thrown in for good measure). The original Desire was numbered PB99200 (the Nexus One was in the PB991x0 range), and HTC's shtick is to recycle these codes for different variants of a particular model by changing only the second-to-last digit.

Phandroid makes it a little easier to understand. Apparently, this device's bands "definitely line up with an impending Telus release as the HTC Triumph, but it also leaves the door open for Bell, Rogers, and AT&T. We’ll put our money on Telus, though."

Engadget notes that with AT&T's recent stance toward high-end Android phones, the AT&T friendly bands supported might mean this device will be hitting US stores soon.

Other Sources: Engadget, Phandroid

Image from Engadget

Source: FCC

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