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Firefox for Android updated with more features

There's just something about seeing the Firefox icon in my app drawer, a familiar feeling I guess. Although I abandoned Firefox on my laptop more than a year ago for Chrome and the Android version is not my main browser, I enjoy testing the app and seeing where the team at Firefox are taking this thing. They brought many good features to desktop browsing over the years but are struggling with clutter in the mobile version. Still very much worth checking out. Read past the break for a list of new, interesting features. 

New features worth checking out include:

Add-ons: There are now over 100 add-ons for Firefox for Mobile, and counting
Performance: Startup speed has improved visibly, Memory and CPU usage is reduced, making the browser more responsive and stable
Improved support for tablets

User Interface: Added an option to resize text to fit the screen when you double-tap to zoom in, to optimize the reading experience

For developers: Support for restartless add-ons, Support for HTML5 online/offline events

Good stuff.



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  • Alex T. Feb 2, 2011 Link to comment

    I didn't try the new version for long, but in the 10 minutes or so I used it it didn't have any problems. Page rendering speed is still behind X-Scope or Dolphin IMO, but it's better than the early Fennec builds.

  • Would you actually say the browser was more stable in your experience? Last time I used it, about a month ago, it was very unstable. I was only able to visit a few web pages without any problems I think.

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