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Five Of The Best Photo-Apps For Android (And A Couple Of Tips)

Authored by: Aaron Tilton — Nov 9, 2011

One of the things that first convinced me to upgrade my old Nokia in for a nice new Sony-Ericsson Android handset was the cameras that the newest Android devices were sporting. Besides impressive megalpixel counts, the ability to edit photos in my phone and send them literally anywhere I wanted to with out having to have a laptop or PC at the ready was just too tempting. Who cares about having the best camera phone when you can have an entire multimedia system in your pocket? So I paid my money and haven't looked back since. Our German editor Kamal is just as big a shutter bug as I am and he's slapped together a list of the his favorite photo apps on the Android Market.

First off, this list isn't a list of the best photo editing programs or a list of the apps with the best effects. Kamal tried to boil down the hundreds of apps in the market place to a handfull of quality apps that complement each other in their function and use. Of course there are other great apps to choose from so if we missed your favorite, tell us about it in the comments below.

camera 360free

1. Camera 360 Free
Finding the best photo effects app is a tall order considering how many really good apps there are to choose from. AndroidPIT likes Camera 360 Free, because in addition to a great list of effects and filters, the app's non-existent price tag is more then easy on your wallet. What's more, it's integrated tilt-shift function is great for taking those all-too-trendy miniature photos. If you're looking for more serious effects like retro, lomo, HDR, etc or you want something a little wackier, like fisheye or sketch, give Camera 360 Free a try.


Similar apps that offer a similar focus on photo effects:FxCamera, Retro Camera, Vignette, Little Photo, Pixlr-o-matic, Papier Kamera, Pudding Camera


befunky phot editor2. BeFunky Photo Editor
As I said before, Android phones aren't just for taking cool snapshots, but also offer great photo editing possibilities. Another app that helps raise the bar for your best snaps is BeFunky Photo Editor. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty, changing brightness, contrast, color quality, etc. etc. all the way to effects and custom boarders then BeFunky Photo Editor is your app. A nice feature is the ability to alter all photos saved on your phone and not just the photos taken with the app, meaning BeFunky works well with the camera program of your choice.



In addition to Befunky Editor, a couple of good alternatives are: Adobe Photoshop Express, TouchUp Pro, PicSay - Photo Editor

Photaf Panorama3. Photaf Panorama (Free)
With so many great photo apps out there, you'd think it wouldn't be that hard to find a good panorama that works and isn't to hard on the eyes. But you'd be wrong. While there are a bunch of phones out there that have the function build in, my Xperia Play isn't one of them. Enter Photaf Panorama. While you will have to put up with a long load time and the panorams could be a little sharper, it's still the best free app on the market. Beyond automatically combining selected images, it also helps you take better panoramas with your phones built in compass. As you don't look a gift horse in the mouth, we here at AndroidPIT are more then willing to take a long load time for high-quality panoramas.


Similar apps: Sfera 360

Photofunia4. PhotoFunia
Who doesn't like plastering their face on advertisements, semis, magazines, movies, etc? If you ever had similar urages check out PhotoFunia. With around 250 templates and scenes, you have more then a few options for your latest digital creation. With the automatic face recognition, you don't even have to edit your photos. Just select your scene and the photo, click “Ok” and send it to friends and family alike.




Similar Apps: Photo Lab


FatBooth5. FatBooth
Does this even need an explanation? You know it, your love it and if you don't download Fatbooth and give it a try






Honorable mention: ZombieBooth

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  • David Whittley Nov 10, 2011 Link to comment

    If you consider the above photo-apps to be amoung the top 5 you really have missed some jems!
       Her are some that you simply must check out!
       LittlePhoto - This app does not have the best UI but really allows you to be very very creative. LittlePhoto is, like many other photo-apps, about applying filters. What LP does better is it allows you to layer the filters endlessly. The results are only limited by your imagination. LP also allows you to finely adjust, with a slider, how much the filter effects the photo.
         Pixlr-o-matic - has a great choice of filters, lighting effects and frames/finishes. Very nice UI.
         TouchRetouch - If you have ever used the magic eraser clone stamp tool thingy in Photoshop then you will love this. Let me start by saying that you need to be aware of the apps limitations before you start otherwise you may be dissapointed. Do not expect miracles, but do expect magic.
      Imagine the following. You have just captured the most beautiful picture of your wife, husband, dog, etc lying on the beach but when you open the picture on your phone your eyes are directly drawn to the pile of dog poop to the left of his, her head. This perfect picture is now no longer ruined. Thanks to TouchRetouch.
      Open the app, load the picture, paint the dog poop red with the extremly brilliant cursor-magnifying-magic eraser and press "play".
       You will be astounded!
       Photo Grid - As the name suggest this app allows you to place your photos in a grid! Simple but powerful. You can place, move, rotate, zoom, flip etc and the share. Great results.
        ProHDR Camera - This app has replaced my standard camera app but not for the reasons you may think. I do use the HDR function alot when taking landscape pictures or architectural pictures. I however use the app more with the HDR function switched off. I use this app every time i take a picture because of the control it gives me over the finished result before the picture is saved.
       Directly after the picture a screed loads with the picture occupying the top half of your screen and controls  for bightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and hue at the bottom. These controls are excellent. Leaps and bounds better than the tonal controls a "leading" developer has bundled into there app.
    Please note that the HDR function works by taking 3 shots and puts them together. Do NOT take pictures of anything that moves.
       The last app i must mention is not strictly a photo-app is SBM or Sketch book mobile, by the makers of AutoCAD. This is a very advanced sketch app similar in many ways to Photoshop or Illustrator. You have a full palett of brushes which can be customised as well as airbrushes and other drawing implements. What i like best is that you can import photos and work with layers and have a certain amount of control over how the layers interact with each other. Think "multiply", "screen". This is not for everyone but probably a dream come true for others.
    Thanks for reading.