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Dear Samsung: Plastic is for Credit Cards, not Phones

Dear Samsung: Plastic is for Credit Cards, not Phones

If the Samsung Galaxy S3 ends up having a ceramic casing, or even a brushed blue metal casing, I am going to freak out. For way, way, WAY too long, Samsung has been known primarily for building top-of-the-line phones in bargain basement packaging. From the Galaxy Tab to the Galaxy S2, it seems as if Samsung's design labs know two design flavors: glossy white plastic or glossy black plastic. And that's IT. 


Look at HTC. The HTC One S and the HTC One X are beautiful. We know that. But HTC has been building top-of-the-line casings for their phones for EONS. If Samsung finally starts to give a crap about their heardware, they could further their monopoly of the Android marketshare. I mean, imagine how much Samsung would dominate with a Galaxy S3 with beautiful ceramic and metal casing.That device would slay the competition. Slay, I tell you! Competitors wouldn't know what hit 'em.

But if the Galaxy S3 is the first phone that Samsung invests in, appearance-wise, it shouldn't be the last. Samsung needs to pay more attention to their tablets as well. Just compare the casing of the Galaxy Tab to the Eee Pad Transformer and tell me which one you think is more beautiful – brushed alumnium or white plastic? The answer is clear. 

Sure, there are other design elements that are incredibly important when building a phone – like making sure it's slim, sleek and scratch resistant – but the material must not be neglected in this process. For too long, I've felt that Samsung considered its material as an afterthought. If you take a look at phone reviews, however, you'll realize it's not.

The feeling a phone has in one's hand is right up there with tech specs as something folks seem to care a lot about. ESPECIALLY the non-techie crowd that is simply playing around with a model at Best Buy. Yesterday, I was at an electronics store, and saw a crowd of people gathering around the Nokia N9. Do you think that's because they love Windows 7? Don't make me laugh. It's because the N9 is a stunning device.

So, Samsung, WAKE UP. I'm glad the Galaxy S3 is rumored to have a premium design, but this should be the beginning of a stronger commitment to using only the best materials. People don't want to pay $650+ for a phone that feels like a toy. Invest in your design and materials and leave the plastic for bottles and Visa cards.

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  • How many people carry on about what the phone is encased in, when in the end it doesn't really matter? Virtually all my friends have purchased a case or protective cover. They cover the phone to add, color, individuality, protection etc. My wife and I have the same model phone. Yep.. Covered in a silicon case. Mine black and hers covered in flowers!! So do you cover your phone? I covered mine because sometimes I'm a klutz and drop it. No dramas here... Bounce and it's ok. It doesn't slip around on my dashboard of my car when I'm running GPS or HUD. When I do take it out of it's cover it looks brand new. No scratches or chips..... So if I decide to upgrade at some stage the prospective buyer of my phone gets one that looks like it came out of the box.

  • Plastic is not bad, but Kevlar could be better just like the RAZR

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    Deactivated Account Apr 27, 2012 Link to comment

    Plastic is not always bad, and my Galaxy S2 feels quite nice. Also poorly designed metal casings can have bad results.

    Isn't the Asus tablet (in your picture) suffering WiFi and possibly GPS problems (at least in part) due to its metal casing?

  • I hated the galaxy s2 feel, but LOVE the feel of my Galaxy Nexus.

  • I am a proud owner of the Galaxy Nexus and while I do love the device I would never say that it feels premium in the way an HTC, Nokia or iPhone feels. It's a wonderful device and I love it to death but in no way do I think it feels as great as it performs.

  • The Gnex doesn't in any way feel crap and plastic or like it's going to break, doesn't look it either so that's a step in the right direction, the s2 does look a bit crap and the battery case is flimsy looking, but I've actually never heard anyone that owns one complain, it seems to be one of those things that reviews bring up but unless things actually break consumers don't mind.

    That said I'm all for no crap looking plastic along as it doesn't come at a huge cost

  • good job i have the galaxy note and when i tryed to pull the battery out in front of my family they made fun of me cuz my phone was made of plastic sill i love my galaxy note

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