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Gmail And Google Instant Receive Updates

Authored by: Douglas Carter — Dec 10, 2010

Updates to the Gmail Priority Inbox and increased availability of Google Instant were announced yesterday on the Google Mobile Blog for devices running Android 2.2 and higher. The Google Instant update will be available by going to the Google search page, and the Gmail update is available through the Android Market.

The updates for Gmail (2.3.2) include a new view for messages that users tag as important, more features to improve message composing, sending messages from any address already configured into your Gmail account, and the ability to "respond to messages in-line."

The news about a Google Instant update is not in regards to new features, but increased availability. Google Instant is now supported in 40 countries and 28 languages. If you didn't have access to Google Instant before, head on over to in your mobile browser, where you will be redirected to your regional domain. To activate Google Instant, just click on the link for it below the search box.

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