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Google Announces New Gesture Search Feature

Yesterday, the Google Mobile team announced on the Google Mobile Blog that they have released a new version of Gesture Search which allows users to access the feature quicker by simply flipping the Android phone away and back. The feature can also be tuned so that users don't accidently activate Gesture Search accidentally.

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Android Central writes that the update "is a step forward, as the app once required you to exit to the home screen and select the widget to run the app. "

Androinica mentions that "Gesture Search 1.2 is available now for phones running Android 1.6 or higher. It also addresses some unnamed bugs and stability issues that affected previous versions."

TechCrunch notes that "between this, voice search, and Swype, the awesome keyboard replacement app, Android is getting some really innovative ways to interact with your phone."

Hit up this link on your phone to download Gesture Search.

Take a look at the video to see how to do it:

I know that Dolphin browser used to (and may still) require a button to be pressed to activate their gesture search, and that was somewhat annoying. Google is definitely heading in the right direction with this update, and I hope other developers follow suit.

Other Sources: Android Central, Androinica, TechCrunch

Image from TechCrunch

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